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19.6.2012 - Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

This is my third visit and I couldn´t go anywhere else. I trust Dr.Cerna and her team completely. They are professional, caring, sympathetic and excellent at what they do.
I had a tummy tuck on Tuesday, (today is Saturday), the time has flown and I can´t believe the results. I went for a walk in the center yesterday and will be by the river for lunch today.
It´s a wonderful feeling knowing you have found a gem like Laderma and Dr.Cerna. I wouldn´t go anywhere else for surgery but here and I love coming here. Again I can only thank you from my heart for you professional and tender, loving care.


10.6.2012 - Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction
Lovely,caring, brilliant staff
Amazing, wonderful, trustable and safe
Doctors (surgeons) v. proffessional & reliable
Experienced hands of Dr. Singerova and Dr. Cerna make you beautiful
Realistic and truthful results
Mind at ease, no worries, feel in safest hands
Aftercare is impecable from start, during and post OP

A big thank you to Dr. Helena Singerova and Dr. Zuzana Cerna. Thank you to Jaja who looked after me in hospital. Also a bunch of thanks to Aneta, Marketa and Radana who cared for me before and after the OP. They all are friendly pleasant and genuinly caring people.
Laderma Apartment is clean, comfortable and well equipped. Thank you for an excelent service, best wishes.
Ms. Rafique U.K.

6.2012 - Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck
This is my third visit and I could not go anywhere else. I trust Dr. Cerna and her team completely. They are professional, caring, sympathetic and excellent at what they do. I had a tummy tuck on Tuesday (today is Saturday), the time has flown and I cant believe the results. I went for a short walk in the centre yesterday and will be by the river for lunch today.

Its a wonderful feeling knowing you you have found a gem luke LADERMA and Dr.Cerna. I would not go anyhere else for surgery but her and I love coming here. Again I can only thank you from my heart for your professional and tender, loving care.
Anna / London

15.5.2012 - Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction + Muscle Repair
This is my second cosmetic procedure I´ve had with Dr.Cerna and her team which I must say speaks volumes I´ve come back!!!
The whole experience is proffesional relaxing and appreciative from start to finish.
Dr.Cerna is fabulous as is her girls & nursing staff. What a fab team. Have seen my new tummy and tiny hips. Wow is that really me, last time my mid-riff looked like that I was 18 years old! What a fabulous job Dr.Cerna.
Thank you all, once again.
Mrs. JH (& husband]

7.2011 - Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
Just wanted to share my experience with anyone who is interested in coming to Prague for their tummy tuck.

I cannot praise the Laderma Team enough. As soon as we stepped out of arrivals the driver was waiting and after driving me to the accommodation he showed me up to the suites which are just fantastic. I don't know if its just me but I think they have a lovely serene, peaceful feeling to them, ideal for resting. I then started reading the testimonial books which really puts your mind at ease and then had a walk around the centre of prague, which is absolutely beautiful.

On Monday I had 3 consultations, one from the nurse, blood pressure, ecg etc and then one from Dr Cerna herself who marks out what shes taking off your tummy and one from the GP. They were all very indepth and just lovely ladies, who will help you with anything. After consultations had a lovely dinner and took a bus tour round prague, then an early night for me.

On the morning of the surgery I walked up to the clinic which is jut a short walk away and changed into hospital gown. You can read here or watch dvds.
I then got a sleeping pill and the next thing I knew I was back in the room, saggy tummy off and in no pain whatsoever - I couldn't believe it. Yes, it's a little bit uncomfy, but no real pain at all. It's quite awkward and uncomfy getting in and out of bed but not really much pain. I'm so shocked at how easy the whole thing was especially as I was so nervous before hand. It's a big thing going for surgery, and even bigger going for it abroad, but I can't wait to tell everyone about how good this place is and I feel really proud of myself for going through with it as I wanted to chicken out a few times. I've not seen much of my tum yet, just had a wee glimpse when dr cerna was changing bandages and it was sooo good to see all that ugly skin removed - the dr said she removed 2kgs - is that nearly 4lbs???

I'm one day post op, hopefully i'll stay pain free like this throughout my stay here. Just really wanted everyone to know how fantastic the care is here and I am so pleased I made the right decision xxx bikinis here I come

13.6.2010 - Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction
E. from Dublin (age 28)

Thank you so much .. Dr Černa and the Laderma managers. You have been so nice and welcoming to my mother and myself. You have all made my stay here very relaxing and you have re-assured me everyday that all will be well.
Dr. Černa you are a wonderful surgeon, I could not have dreamt of a better result on my tummy.
Katerina, Marketa, Radka , you are all beautiful ladies and you have helped me at anytime that I have asked. I wish you all the best with your families in the future.

I was very very nervous travelling to Prague from Dublin. At first I was coming alone, but my mother insisted that she came with me as she was too frightened of me flying alone to a different country for such a big operation. My mother and I now know there was no need, as I was in safe hands!

When I return to Dublin I will be advising all my friends to come here because you get top of the range care, a beautiful appartment and visit the lovely city of Prague (when yoou feel better of course!).

I cannot thank you enough Dr Černa, you have made me feel young and confident in my own body ... XXX. I will be back in 10 years for my facelift!

All the best. E. from Dublin

31.5.2010 - Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction May 2010
I accompanied my niece from London for her Surgery. Dr. Cerna has made us feel welcome and the staff was brilliant. The accommodation was very comfortable here.
The surgery my niece had went very well and she was quite pleased .

12.5.2010 - Tummy Tuck
Many thanks to Dr. Černa and the Laderma team. My recovery has been smooth and comforting. The Laderma staff and apartments make it seem like you are convalescing at home with friends and family. My husband and 4-year old daughter came with me, but it would have been just fine alone, too. For a medical procedure the whole experience has not been unpleasant. Dr. Černa is very talented and sincere. You will feel like you have always known her. Don’t be nervous – everything will be fine.

G.K. from USA (via Germany)

12.2009 - Tummy Tuck
J. - Tummy Tuck
Had a great experience from start to finish.
The Laderma team + the staff at the clinic are all brilliant.
Dr. Cerna has made me feel at ease from the moment I met her.
Accommodation very nice, ideal for recovery period.
I would recommend Laderma to anyone.
Thanks again J. + J.

10.6.2009 - Tummy Tuck
After having a twin birth (it measured 60 inches = 145 cm) and then loosing an enormous amount of weight my stomach was devastating to look at. I hated it.
The care I received from start to finish was fantastic. Dr Cerna examined my stomach and was concerned there may be an existing hernia. Dr Cerna contacted her husband who is a general surgeon and he came to examine me. They were concerned that it may be intestinal tissue that had come through the hernia opening. Dr Cerna carried out the operation; it took her an hour to repair the hernia and another 2 hours to complete the tummy tuck operation. Dr Cerna gave me the opportunity to change my mind about the operation and advised me of all the associated risks involved with it. I went ahead with the operation and have been so happy and satisfied. The care of the nursing staff at the klinic was very professional and the klinic was extremely clean. Dr Cerna has a fantastic multi-disciplinary medical team all competent in their own area and each is valued.
The result - My stomach is wonderful, beautiful, awe-inspiring. I have had very little pain and have been given pain killers, sleeping tablets and aftercare instructions concerning my diet and cleaning of the wound when I return home etc.
At Laderma they have integrity, not there just to take your money but to value your health firstly above anything else. The care I have received has surpassed anything I could have been given in the UK. When I came here I said I was not expecting a miracle - well I certainly got one !
With sincere gratitude S.

20.5.2009 - Tummy Tuck
I can’t believe we have to go home already. The 10 days my friend and I spent here were fantastic and time flew so fast.
I had a tummy tuck done on the 10th of March by Dr. Cerna and the results are great, I feel great…everything was a success…much more than I was expecting.
I haven’t got enough words to be able to thank and describe how wonderful Dr. Cerna and whole team is.
Katerina and Marketa, also two wonderful ladies which I can’t praise enough for everything they’ve done for us….I don’t think that you would find a better service anywhere else.
If you are reading this, please be assured that you are in the best hands here at “Laderma”.
Thank you Dr. Zuzana Cerna, Marketa, Katerina and everyone else for making it possible for me by offering me such a pleasant stay.
I’ll happily remember all of you
Xxx Love C. Kiss, London

22.9.2008 - Tummy Tuck
Had tummy tuck on 16th Sept. Dr. Cerna and Marketa are wonderful, everything went well, feel good, had eye bad upper and lower done in June, and, when I need a face lift I know where I will be coming, so if anyone reading this has any fear, don’t, you are in the very best hands.
L. B., UK

7.2008 - Tummy Tuck
Thank you. What a perfect set up. Every little detail or concern as you may think of has already been considered or addressed. I travelled alone and had abdominoplasty, muscle repair and lipo and received excellent friendly service. The nurses in the clinic were great too spoke more English than I expected. Larrisa the Botox Dr is lovely too, look at her face and guess her age!!! She is her own advent.
Thanks to all for a very positive experience.

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