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1.2014 - Facelift
Facelift with SMAS
Believe it or not I am sure you all notice how impatient I was..... I expected a result in2 weeks ...after the surgery and thank you to Dr Cerna for talking to me when I was home. Now 5 weeks later I am really happy with my face. Still feel numb around my ears but everyday I get a little more feeling coming back.

4.11.2013 - Facelift
Face / neck lift + upper and lower eye lids

Wow! What a 60th birthday present to me! „Happy birthday tooo me“

The surgeons Dr.Cerna and Dr. Singerova and the team Aneta, Radana & Marketa are so professional, kind & helpful.

Staying in the apartments on the same floor as the clinic is the real bonus, just being a few fast away from any help that you may need. You can´t imagine getting such service anywhere else if you need anything just knock on the door! WOW!!
I could go on and on, but I am so glad and thankful that I picked the „Laderma“ Team. I am now 13th day post operation and going home!! It has been a long time and hind sights and time, I could have made two trips, but I didn´t and haven´t, so now I´m done and feel fantastic!!!

Look at least 10 years younger!! My neck I do not recognize. Dr.Cerna is a miracle worker. So it hasn´t all been a walk in the park, but definitely not painful just uncomfortable and you know it will all be worth it, so good luck people who have picked Laderma, the team will look after you, rest and recuperate!!!
Thank you team!
Love PAM

22.10.2013 - Facelift
Thank you Dr.Cerna and the whole team for your care and compassion. I cannot praise you highly enough. I am delighted with my Facelift and my experience here during the last week.
From the moment I arrived I have been well looked after and cared for the highest standard.
Thank you.

15.9.2013 - Facelift
FACELIFT - Face and Neck Lift with SMAS
We arrived from England. Stayed here for 2 weeks, what a lovely stay. My op was on Tuesday 17th. No pain or problems just a wonderful results.
TRUST is the key word, recommend in Dr. Cerna and staff.

Thank you again, L. B.

5.2013 - Facelift
Facelift + Upper eyelids (Canada)
Thank you so much Dr. Zuzana and the rest of team. It was a wonderful experience and I love the results. The care was outstanding. I love your beauty city and I will be back.

Love M.L. (Canada)

4.12.2012 - Facelift
I leave tomorrow after being in the clinic for almost nine days. I have been looked after so very well by both Dr. Cerna and her entire staff. I was quite worried when I arrived as I was on my own from England. Care being to snag all for surgery, any surgery as a worry. Even when you stay in your own Coventry. It´s natural to be feeling this way, I don´t think wherever you would choose to go for your surgery, that you would be looked after as well as I have been here at Laderma. The whole team will make you feel safe secure. And you know that you are in the most capable hand at all times. I wish you well with yours surgery believe it will be trust perfect as you want. I leave tomorrow and fly home to finish recuperation.
I´m still quite swollen... but to be expected as everyone is different, you will go through good days and someone not so. And you will wonder what you will look like after the swelling goes down. And it will then you will think well done me and be very proud of yourself it´s a big step one. I´m glad that I took: I do honestly feel that you will be more than happy with results, as I´m sure I will too! This is a great team here. Please don´t worry, all will be well.
You made a good wise choice coming to Prague and Laderma. I have surgery before in England many years ago, and was never looked after as well as you will be here, from arriving to going home. Relax, you are in good hands.

Best regards! Katherine (England)

10.2012 - Facelift
October 2012
John and I arrived in the afternoon of Sunday 28 October 12 both of us to have surgery on Tuesday 30 October.
Monday 29th was spent having pre-op checks and getting to know Radka, Aneta and Marketa and a consultation with our plastic surgeon Helena Singerova . Our surgery on Tuesday 30th of October was in the morning , John was having a Face and Neck lift plus lower eye lids lift, I was having a breast reduction.
We arrived at the Asklepion clinic (just around the corner), the staff who looked after us were lovely and again we met Helena (the surgeon) before our respective surgery. If you have any doubts or worries regarding post-op pain please be assured there is no pain just discomfort.
Some tips: Before surgery make some your cupboards and fridge is well stocked with easy to prepare healthy food – If you have time beforehand make a pot of nutritious soup. Although I said you are not in any pain the trauma of the operation really takes it out of you and you tine very quickly so anything quick, easy and healthy to eat is best. There are plenty of shops locally so you do not have to travel for provisions, once you feel better there are plenty of restaurants to visit locally. Make the most of your stay and listen to the advice given also do as you are told and your recovery will be quicker. I would not hesitate to recommend a friend for any type of operation. The care and attention you receive is far superior than in UK! Good luck to you, I´m sure all will go well.
Maria and John

7.2012 - Facelift
Monday 30th of July 2012
My sister and I arrived one week ago at Laderma. We did not know what to expect, we could only hope that all we had read on-line about Laderma was true - WOW! What a wonderful experience ! What a wonderful care from excellent staff.
Dr.Zuzana Cerna and Dr. Helena Singerova are miracle workers. Their dedication to their profession is outstanding. So, you can believe what you read. Laderma is the very very best. You cannot find any better. Do not be afraid just put your faith in the doctors nurses and staff, Aneta and Radka will help you all the way- and always with beautiful reassuring smiles.
I am leaving here tomorrow with a renewed positivity which will, I know, carry me through many more years. So thank you to all the beautiful ladies we will pass on the good experience to anyone who wants to improve themselves.
Lots of love Eileen
TIP: Don’t be unrealistic about your expectations just take a photo before your surgery and compare what you get, it is a fresher, more youthful renewed you. I look so much more like the old me (younger), so does my sister.

7.2012 - Facelift
July 2012 - FACELIFT

Oh my god what an experience this has been!
Arrived a week ago on22nd July full of hopes, fears, excitement and anxiety all thrown into form of so many strange emotions. Never experienced anything quite like it. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder what the hell you are doing here and all this is really happening. And before you knew you will be in and recovering in the hands of the best care imaginable. NO doubt you will have done your research about Laderma and I can confirm you will be very pleasantly surprised at how accurately the various testimonials have been.
It is all true .. Dr. Zuzana and her team are angles, we were made to feel so welcome by Marketa, Aneta , Radka and wonderful nurses in the hospital – the level of care is quite exceptional!!!!
Dr. Zuzana Cerna is an amazing woman who performed our surgery (Facelift) alongside her colleague Dr. Helena Singerova who we understand specializes in Facelift surgery and we feel honored we have had both surgeons present. Maybe that´ why the results have been so incredible!

There was no pain whatsoever, the stitches are incredibly neat and meticularly done. After 5 days we have very little swelling and only small bruises are present. The aftercare and advice is so valuable and I cannot imagine to receive anything on the scale in the UK. I´ve researched it and believe me it´s not available.

A few recommendations:
-the night before surgery have a really decent high protein meal, steaks at Matyldas are wonderful.
-drink plenty of fluid as you´ll dehydrate during and after surgery
- if you are struggling to drink after the surgery ask the nurse for a drink (you may need to do a bit of charades to be understood but at least you want be thirsty)
- stock up on loads probiotics (soft fruit, bananas, yogurt, yogurt drinks (make smoothies), eggs, water, drinks. Piskoty (like Fareys rusk)
-Have your “nest” ready to fall into when you return back to the apartment after surgery. Pillows plumped and positioned and everything you need surrounding you around the bed.
-TOP TIP – as you will need to remain still on aid of the swelling, I used my mobile phone video to find the things I could not lay my hands on (as you cannot turn your head), video playback will show you where everything is” ingenious eye”.
-If you need help for extra supplies after surgery do not go too far you will be surprised how exhausted you get just walking to the local shop. Keep it really short for just few days, do not forget you are still recovering – I really passed out at the stairs (just comes over you very suddenly).
-And a final note .. stay calm (it is not easy the first few days), just sleep and rest as much as you can. You won´t have any pain, the most difficult part is remaining still.
I wish you all the very best and hope you have a wonderful result.
Good luck and God bless

4.2012 - Facelift
I just wanted to say THANK YOU Dr.Cerna, you made my surgery really happy with the result. I look and feel younger after my facelift and have recommended your service to anyone. A big thanks to Marketa, Radana and Aneta, to all your staff who looked after me whilst I was in the clinic overnight.Thank you again and I will be back in a couple of months for my eyelids.

Dear all, you are in safe hands here.
Good luck

12.2011 - Facelift
Facelift with SMAS
I have just returned from a 10 day trip to Prague for a facelift. I previously had liposuction performed at Laderma around 5 years ago and I personally know at least 6 friends and family who have had various surgeries at Laderma, plus friends of friends, including breast aug, tummy tuck, breast uplift, blephs, lipo and facelift, so I felt it was about time I shared my experience.

I won't take you through my own procedure as everyone's different but will give a few tips, should you choose to read them.

As a few years have passed since my last visit to Laderma I did some research in case the situation had changed at all. It hasn't sufficiently for me to consider another surgeon, plus my partner, who is a surgeon here in the UK was keen for me to go back to someone I knew thought would prefer it if I didn’t do these things in the first place. I am aware of some agency-type set ups around who put a package together for you and I am sure they do a great job but I don’t like to pay for what I consider to be "money for old rope", therefore Laderma suits me.

I made a bank transfer before I left the UK on this occasion for the surgery plus accommodation. You won't be asked to do that but for me it was easier than messing around when I got there and I trusted that if the operation did not go ahead, Dr Cerna would return my money less the deposit.

Dr Cerna now has her office in the same building as the apartments, which is very convenient for both parties and the operating theatre is in a clinic just 40 seconds around the corner. You will be fine to walk accompanied back to the apartments the day after your surgery.

Take a variety of scarves and hats to experiment with. I found a long scarf made of thin material was best to drape around my head. After the bandages are off your hair will blow in the wind and expose your scars so I suggest continuing to use the scarf and if it’s very hot or very cold use hats.

You'll be given augmentin during the op (which is approximately 1hr 30 min) - if you think you might suffer from thrush take Canasten Duo because I couldn't get it there although I did not mention this to Dr Cerna, who may have been able to help. Also try eating lots of bio yoghurt beforehand.

You will not be allowed to move your head or speak for 24 hours (even if you jump up out of bed to make a phone call in the hallway - Dr Cerna does not find this amusing and neither do her staff) and you will be told to continue in this fashion when you return to the apartment the following day. I read a lot but often couldn't concentrate on a book. Unless you want to watch the same news items all day do take lots of DVDs. The clinic have quite a few but I'd advise taking some of your own. There is little pain associated with this operation, therefore the temptation is to think you're fine and move your head around. Don't. Just watch DVDs.

You must sleep on your back which is horrible and caused me pain and there will be a lot of swelling and hardness but remember that it all gets a little easier each day. I felt very panicky and claustrophobic since the bandages were wrapped around my neck but you should get used to it.

You will be heavily bandaged for several days and I thought I was so hard done by because I couldn't go out when I felt like it. I am a horrible patient. I had a great time after they were off and I was able to go out without looking ridiculous. We went everywhere and ate (and drank) loads - but do find out what time you're due for check-ups before making plans.

The clinic and apartments are in the residential area of Vinohrady (Prague No. 2). It was perfect for us. Approx 15 min walk away from central Prague and full of lovely bars and restaurants which are full of Czechs and not tourists. Try Wenceslas Square for stag type bars. Christmas is a lovely time to be in the Czech Republic and of course Havel had just died so Wenceslas Square became a huge shrine.

Dr Cerna is a very warm person who takes great pride in her work. I am very happy with my facelift – granted only 10 days after the operation but it all looks very good and I am able to go out without anyone noticing. Only my partner and hairdresser know about my surgery and unless anyone sees my stitches (which are hidden by my hair) I am quite sure everyone will just think I’m “looking well”, which is exactly what I think most people want out of this procedure.

This was my 4th time in Prague and my 3rd for surgery. I am able to compare this with UK clinics to some degree as I had a breast augmentation here over 10 years ago. It’s still in great shape but after parting with £4k for a procedure, you don’t expect to be told the following morning when you’re still vomiting that, “the taxi driver will stop if you need to be sick” because the next patients are arriving. I’m sure things have changed but that would never happen at Laderma.

I hope this information helps some people a little bit.

13.6.2011 - Facelift
Dear all,
hope you are all well in lovely Prague?

Just a couple of photos for you - to see the results of my surgery...I am very pleased and feel so much more confident about myself, which is fantastic feeling for me.

I am still a little numb near my left ear but then i am sure that is to be expected...i am not concerned.

Please say hello to Dr Cerna and her team there and say that I when I mention my surgery to friends and family, i always talk wtih such high regard about your clinic and i recommend it whenever I can..

I am sure you will see from the attached pics that my face says it all! I am very happy...so thank you


26.4.2011 - Facelift
Liebes Laderma- Team,
Liebe Laderma- Gäste,
ich hatte an 26.4. 2011 meine OP (Facelift+ Oberliderstraffung) und bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Das Appartement ist wunderschön und man wird hier sehr gut betreut und sorgt.
Frau Dr. Cerna und ganze Team sind wirklich sehr fürsorglich und waren jeden Tag für mich da, ich danke euch allen von ganzen Herzen für Eure liebevolle Unterstützung und das tolle Resultat!
Alles Gute, M.H.

2.8.2010 - Facelift
I had a facelift here 13 days ago and I am delighted with the results.

The Laderma Team+Dr Cerna are quite simply extra-ordinary people for my 1st class care!!! Rest assured you are in very safe hands here. These ladies are dedicated - simply amazing. I shall keep in touch and if I ever need any more surgery - this is where I will come.

Many, many thanks for fixing my sad face. Love J.XXX

P.S. Matylda´s bar/restaurant across the street is amazing - best steak I ever had!

3.7.2010 - Facelift
Two patients coming to our clinic first time from Norway
Facelift + Upper Eyelids
Two patents

Dear Zuzana and the team!

Thank you sooo much for your making me young and beautiful again. You´ve changed my life, from my heart I will never ever forget you.

Love from R (Norway) 62 years young

And a big, big kiss from me .. T. (Norway)

24.5.2009 - Facelift
I was here 4 years ago having an eyelift by Dr. Cerna. I was so pleased with the results I always said I would come back if I ever wanted my face done I would go nowhere else. And here I am back in Prague just had a face lift and am so happy. I could not believe there was no pain afterwards. The only discomfort I had was wearing these bandages covering my head but that was only for 4 days. Then off they came and now recovering from slight bruising and swelling. I would recommend Dr. Cerna and her team to anyone needing cosmetic surgery. They are so caring – patient and very attentive. I hope I don’t need to come back for more surgery but never say never (Don’t want to become obsessed by cosmetic surgery). I go home tomorrow feeling like 1.000.000 dollars.
Love S. - age 56

17.4.2009 - Facelift
I came here with my husband to see for myself what Prague was like and also to introduce myself to Dr. Z. Cerna. I had my consultation and pre-op medical. My first impression was how professional and explanative of my face and neck lift Dr. Cerna was. Also, she was genuine and sensitive of my needs and so gentle. She explained my procedure in detail. I felt so at ease with her and her staff I had no hesitation to fly back to Prague and have the procedure.
I had the procedure carried out on Tuesday 7.30 am with no complications. I was introduced to the anaesthetist who was charming as were the nurses at the clinic who were very attentative ever through the night. Also, Dr. Cerna kept checking and changing my bandaged.
I left the clinic after 24 hours and my husband took me back to the lovely apartment with a terrace. I am now here four days and every day Dr. Cerna + Marketa call and take me into the surgery next door to have my bandages changed. I have not had any pain whatsoever; even though I was really apprehensive the first time I got my bandages changed. I have swelling but that is to be expected. Yesterday, 17/4 I went out for a walk with a scarf over my head and I felt great. I would have no hesitation recommending Dr. Cerna and her team at Laderma clinic Prague to any of my friends and family.
It is now 23rd April and it has now been nine days post op. Have bruising on my lower face and neck but can cover it with make-up. Every morning I have washed my hair and I feel it is getting better as each day passes. Every evening myself and my husband go out for a dinner and I don’t feel embarrassed as my bruises are covered with make-up. I still have no pain and can’t believe how well everything has went. No complications at all. I am still taking the anti-inflammation tabs for the swelling and putting the cream on my face for the bruising.
I am on my way out for a walk now. Weather has been wonderful. It is now Friday 24/04, my last day at Laderma. I am going out after I see Dr. Cerna for my daily check up. I will make the most of today and do some more sightseeing.
Whoever is reading this I wish you all the very best and will not hesitate to come back here to Dr. Cerna and her team. Good luck with everything and you will be very well looked after. Enjoy. Best wishes.
A.M. aged 53

11.3.2009 - Facelift
Everything is looking great. A little bruising on my right jaw line (too much talking) but I am sure this will fade over the next few weeks together with the swelling. Still no pain, wounds are healing very well. I also had the two lines between my eyes filled last night so that’s everything complete now. Looking forward to going home tonight but I am indebted to Zuzana and her team for their hard work and constant attention.
I have just had my last consultation. Dr. Cerna removed some stitches + said everything was wonderful (I agree!!). To anybody reading my story, please have no fear or anxiety, there are so many wonderful people here.
Thank you to Zuzana, Marketa, Katerina, all the nurses at the clinic + Mr. Kozak
Love to you always xxx Ch. xxx

8.3.2009 - Facelift
Hello, I arrived hereon Sunday 1st march with N. This is my second trip, last year in April I had an upper + lower eyelid removal and was so impressed I have come back for a face + neck lift. The op was on Tuesday 3rd, unbelievably no pain. My head bandage has been changed daily and today I have taken it of and washed my hair. That feels wonderful. I am a little swollen at the moment but after a third day from the op all starts improving. The accommodation is perfect and there are lots of shops + restaurants in the area. Dr. Cerna + Marketa are so caring and considerate as well as helpful, understanding etc. etc. Apart from the surgery you would think you are on holiday. I do have a little bruising on my neck with slight discomfort but no pain. N. went home yesterday, over the moon with her new boobies.
C. H. aged 53 – 7 day after OP

11.11.2008 - Facelift
6.45 am – V. has just left to go to the clinic to have op. My name is C and I ma here to care for her post op. V. will take up this narrative in her own wads after 3 days have passed as Dr. Cerna has told us that she is advised not to speak that long afterwards, no turn her head and she has to sleep sitting up to allow the drainage. If you knew V., being told not to speak for an Hour would have her in a big biz! She’s first on the table this morning and the op will take about 2 hours or so. The clinic will ring me to let me know how it went. The fridge is stocked wit pro-biotic yoghurts + fruit juice as for the next few days V. will be “liquids only”.
The staff here really are great – I stupidly forgot to bring my tablets and the GP who checked V. even yesterday gave me a prescription for them – cost about 165K.
2 days after op! No pain at all. Not allowed to talk or move head for 3 days. Borrowed a blender from Laderma so drinking lots of smoothies and soup through a straw. Must drink plenty of water – at least 3 litres every day. Bandages changed today.
10 days after op and all the stitches are out. Still some swelling and slight bruising around the neck but nothing that concealer cannot hide. Dr. Cerna very pleased.
Rule 1 – do everything Dr. Cerna tells you to do – keep still, don’t talk and move your head whilst you are healing.
Rule 2 – drink lots of water and smoothies.
Rule 3 – use the ice packs!
Have to email Dr. Cerna photos in 3-4 months when the full effect will be apparent.
They really offer the best of care here – ENJOY!

29.6.2008 - Facelift
29th June – 15th July 2008

Face lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery
I feel I have been really well looked after by the Laderma team and I would like to thank everyone involved.
Try to get out and about using the public transport system. For the equivalent of just over one pound you can have unlimited use of buses, trams and metro for one day. (Tram is not such a good idea if you have had boob job or tummy tuck!!)
Prague Zoo is worth a visit – a lot of walking involved though.
Local shop, out of the main building and turn left, is very good for fresh fruit and is much cheaper than Tesco’s Express.
If I do decide on more surgery I would definitely come back here. Maybe some lipo next year??
Speak to you on Look Your Best.

4.2008 - Facelift
F., age 46, face - neck lift
Hi, I came to Prague 6-4-08 with my Mum. I am having a face + neck lift. My operation is on 8th April. I feel very nervous. Marketa made me feel very welcome and very relaxed. Dr. Cerna is fab, it’s like talking to one of your friends. You really don’t feel she is a surgeon.
Well, day after my op looking good, feel no pain yet. 2nd day!! Still feel good, been to have my nails done across the road. 3rd day a bit of swelling and bruising. Just a little discomfort. Sat 5th day bandaging off, washing my hair, stay tend.
Sun 6th day.
So good moving to apartment, it has a balcony, Sun is shining. So will have to end here but must say looking good only 4 days past op.
So eat your heart out 10 years younger!!
Dr. Cerna and her team are saints.
Coming back boobs and upper eyes.
F., UK, xx

Facelift Facelift -December 2012
I leave tomorrow after being in the Clinic for almost nine days, I have been looked after so very well by both Dr. Cerna and her entire staff. I was quite worried when I arrived as I was on my own from England arriving to Prague for surgery, any surgery is a worry even when you stay in your own country. Its natural to be feeling this way. I dont think wherever you would choose to go for your surgery, that you would be looked after as well as I have been here at Laderma. The whole team will make you feel safe secure and you just know that you are in the most capable hands at all time . I wish you well with your surgery, believe it will be just perfect as you want. I leave tomorrow and fly home to finish of my recuperation. I am still quite swollen but to be expected as everyone is different, you will wonder what you will look like after the swelling goes down. And it will, then you will think well done me! And be very proud yourself its a big step. I am glad that I took: I do honestly feel that you will be more than happy with your results, as I am I will too. This is a great team here. Please do not worry, all will be well. You made a good wise choice coming to Prague and Laderma. I have had surgery before in England, many years ago and was never looked after as well as you will be here, from arriving to going home.
Relax … you are in good hands.
Best regards, K. from England

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