Jennifer, Tummy Tuck

I arranged to have a tummy-tuck [abdominoplasty] in September 06. All the arrangements were made very efficiently. I met Dr Cerna and was immediately put at ease by her manner. She conveys a high degree of professionalism with a genuinely caring manner. I felt I could easily trust this doctor with my life and my saggy bits.

I usually suffer quite ill effects from the anaesthetics so I was prepared for the vomiting and general dopey feeling that I usually experience. It didn’t happen, on coming round I actually though the operation had not taken place. When I realised that it had happened I thought well when this wears off the pain is really going to hit me. It would not be true to say that there is no pain but it is more like discomfort. Getting in and out of bed while trying to hang on to your drains is tricky. Luckily the nurses know exactly what to do. Their lack of English is no barrier, these ladies are caring and patient and psychic. I have not experienced care like it anywhere. Before being discharged the drains are removed-ouch.

After the operation you are fitted with a corset type garment with 3 velcro straps designed to hold you together. This will be your new best friend for the next 6 weeks. When walking you have to bend over and sleeping is done sitting up with a pillow under the knees. So for 6weeks you will not get much sleep and your back will ache. And it is so worth it, I would do it again without a moment’s hesitation.

Dr Cerna and her team made it an almost pleasurable experience. They could not do enough to ensure my stay [and my husbands] was an enjoyable one. Everything is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Any problems with the apartment are fixed without a fuss by either Katerina or Marketa the clinic managers. And Prague is so beautiful take a walking tour if you can it is well worth it. Eating out is very reasonable and very enjoyable.

I really cannot praise Dr Cerna and her team highly enough, but if you would like to contact me I will try.

Jennifer, +440 7772944921, e-mail: jennifer@crcuk.net

E.G. (from Germany), Breast Reduction

It is now (June 2006) two months since I had my surgery at Laderma Clinic in Prague, and I would like to share my experience with other potential patients.

My condition before the surgery was that my breasts were much too large. Not only did they not match the rest of my body but they caused severe neck and back problems for me. Moreover, it was very hard to find suitable clothes, as I needed different sizes for the “top” and “bottom” parts. My (German) health insurance did not cover the surgery that was – in my opinion and in the opinion of doctors that I consulted – necessary for both my physical and psychological well-being and comfort. In view of the high cost of surgery in Western European countries, I turned to a more affordable option.

My initial uneasiness about potential problems with performing surgery in another country quickly disappeared when I found the Laderma Website and made my initial contact with Dr. Černá by eMail. From the beginning, I had the “gut feeling” that I would be in good hands, and my entire experience in Prague later confirmed this early impression I had.

I also liked the accommodation arrangement with the Clinic, as it instantly gave me a feeling of having a temporary “home” in Prague rather than just a hotel room. I decided to bring my husband and my eight-year-old daughter along and to stay for ten days. This would ensure that I was under medical supervision until the bandages were removed without being separated from my family for too long. In addition, they would be with me to provide emotional support. I can only recommend this arrangement – it turned the stay almost into a sort of family vacation. We also enjoyed the way in which Dr. Černá involved the family in the post-surgery care and instructed them in how to take care of me. This was very helpful.

The surgery itself was a major procedure: approximately 900 grams had to be removed from either side, and the nipples had to be reduced and relocated. I went from a E cup size to a C. Amazingly, the pain subsided very quickly after the operation. I was able to walk in the city and even go sightseeing for a whole day only one week after surgery. The healing proceeded very quickly, and the sutures are nearly invisible now. I am extremely pleased with the result of the operation, and I am very happy I took this step. My own physician here was also impressed by the excellent work.

The experience was a very positive one, not only in terms of the medical outcome, but also as a thoroughly pleasant human experience. Dr. Černá and her staff are not only very professional but also very kind and empathetic. They were literally available day and night throughout my stay (although, fortunately, there was no need for me to call them at night). Also, there was never a language problem. The surroundings – the city, the clinic, the apartment – were also conducive to a quick recovery. Every detail of the stay was well prepared, both at the clinic and at the apartment. The apartment is nicely furnished and quiet, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants around. Although there is public transportation, Prague’s attractive downtown area is within walking distance. (We traveled by car to Prague. We were able to park the car in a hotel garage next to the apartment under video surveillance. This was also arranged by Laderma, and the hotel staff was also very kind.)

In summary, I have nothing but praise for Dr. Černá and her staff, and I can certainly recommend Laderma Clinic to anybody who is in the same situation that I was in. In retrospect, I cannot imagine having found superior care anywhere else, even if I had paid many times what I paid here. I have authorized Dr. Černá to pass on my contact details (phone number and eMail address) to anybody who is considering breast reduction surgery and would like to talk to me directly about my experience.

I would like Dr. Černá and the entire staff at Laderma for their excellent work and wish them all the best.

Yours truly,

E.G. (from Germany), June 2006

Margaret H

This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation for the fantastic support and treatment I received under the care of Dr. Cerna.

I have always been self-conscious about my lack of breasts and had tried everything from 'breast-enhancing pills' to padded bras without any success. Surgery had always been at the back of my mind but I was really nervous about actually going through with it as it seemed so drastic. Alongside this I was apprehensive as to what friends and family would say. I looked at many websites, and having decided to go ahead with the operation (still very apprehensive) and having spoken to a previous client, I travelled alone to Prague.

I was met immediately off the plane by a driver who took me to my apartment and gave me instructions for the following day and contact numbers (I didn’t have to worry about a thing).The next day I met with Dr. Cerna and following a thorough consultation decided that I definitely wanted to go ahead with the surgery. Dr. Cerna was amazing from the start; very honest about what could be done and so caring. Following a thorough medical and blood tests I went into surgery (Dr. Cerna made sure she was with me as I went to sleep and when I came round). I stayed in over night and the nurses were amazing looking after me all night.

On my return to the apartment (Dr. Cerna drove me herself) I was greeted with homemade chicken soup, (Dr.Cerna's mother heard I was alone and cooked it for me) fridge and cupboards filled with food and DVDs for the week and medication. The apartment also had a direct dial phone to contact Dr. Cerna and the Clinic should I need to contact her at anytime and I was even well enough to explore Prague. Dr. Cerna visited me at the apartment and phoned me regularly to check I was ok. Six weeks later I am thrilled with the operation (my breasts look and feel completely natural) and I am so happy. I have been very impressed with the high quality personal service and quality of surgery. Dr. Cerna was just fantastic. Thank you.


Louise F.

I am writing this letter of recommendation as a token of my gratitude for the wonderful way I was treated by Dr Cerna and her staff in Prague.

For many years I have always thought of having cosmetic surgery but never had the courage to go through with it, however after much research on surgeons throughout the U.K and Europe I decided that I would bite the bullet and go ahead. The web site contained much of the information I needed but I wanted further reassurance so I contacted the clinic personally. From the very outset I was provided with all the information I needed which included prices, accommodation references from other previous patients and a full history on the medical achievements of Dr Cerna. I finally made up my mind to go ahead and made an appointment- a decision I will never regret.

I travelled to Prague on my own and was very nervous as I wasn’t sure of what to expect and of what I would find when I arrived at my accommodation, but as soon as I stepped of the plane the driver was waiting for me and couldn’t have been more helpful. He took me straight to the apartment, showed me inside and gave me keys and information on where exactly the apartment was located and where local bank links and metro stations were. Dr Cerna made contact by telephone that evening and I was to meet her the next day and I even had time to do a little sightseeing.

A taxi was arranged to pick me up the next morning and took me straight to the clinic where I met Dr Cerna for the first time and she couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly. She explained everything that was going to happen and after various tests and discussions on the operation it went ahead as planned. I stayed overnight in the clinic and the staff where wonderful and constantly checked on my wellbeing and spoke perfect English.

The next morning I was given another check over and returned to the apartment with painkillers for the week and advice on what I should do for the next few days. The apartment was stocked with food and toiletries that I would need for my stay and a telephone with direct automatic access to Dr Cerna and her colleague was available at all times. The support was amazing and made me feel very relaxed and calm.

During my stay Dr Cerna kept a check on my well being and made two personal calls to the apartment to make sure I was alright after surgery and to see if I had enough pain killers- something of which I am eternally grateful for. Her support and care was very much appreciated and valued.

I had one final check up at the clinic before I returned home in order to remove the stitches and again Dr Cerna and her staff were excellent. She gave me more advice and instructions to carry out when I returned to the UK and again the driver was provided to bring me back to the airport.

Throughout my entire stay in Prague I received the best care and attention and would thoroughly recommend Dr Cerna to anyone. This was my first experience with cosmetic surgery and I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, caring and supportive service and if I ever considered further surgery I would not hesitate to return to Dr Cerna.

If anyone needs any other information or questions I would be happy to answer them and reassure you of the excellent service and care you will receive.


Kerris A.

I am writing this letter of reference for my treatment in Prague under Dr Cerna.

In August 03 I decided to undergo liposuction and removal of lower eye bags. I had already decided to go abroad after checking various clinics, the standard of care abroad was just as good if not better, and the price was more reasonable than in UK.

I decided to choose this clinic, and from day one of talking to them, I felt reassured, their manner was professional, friendly, and more importantly efficient. I was given all necessary information both verbally and written before I flew to Prague. On arriving in Prague I was looked after from the moment I set foot off of the plane, being collected and taken to the flat I was to stay in (it was immaculate). Dr Cerna herself rang me to welcome me to Prague, and explained everything that was to happen, she arranged for my transport to her surgery herself.

On the day of my surgery I had my consultation, throughout Dr Cerna put me at ease, I found her very compassionate and caring towards me, but more importantly honest to what could be achieved, and what could be done for me, (I have big hips), her experience was blatantly obvious, and I took her recommendations for a slight amendment to my treatment, it was felt liposuction and sculpting would be more appropriate for me, to put me more in proportion, all of this was at the same cost.

It was obvious Dr Cerna took great pride in her work and wanted to do the best possible job she could for me. After my consultation I was required to have a blood test and physical to ensure I was fit for surgery which I was. I was then allowed to sightsee around Prague for a couple of hours, when I returned I was shown to my room, measured up and fitted for surgery, I was looked after fantastically, I had my own nurse who looked after me after surgery and through the night, and I have to say I am eternally grateful for her kindness.

In the morning after breakfast I was checked over and allowed to go back to the flat, all post-care was explained to me and I was given painkillers for the week. In the flat you are provided with a phone with Dr Cerna's number if you have any concerns, and before flying back to the UK, Dr Cerna did her last check.

During both my pre and post-surgery, I found my treatment by Dr Cerna and her colleagues excellent, and to a standard I would class as higher than most UK clinics, (I can vouch for this after having previous surgery in UK), and at a much more achievable price. Not only were they excellent in their medical treatment of me, achieving maximum results, but they were compassionate and approachable at all times, even if I just wanted to reassure myself or go through anything, as is natural when your going for an operation. For the fantastic treatment given to me, and not to forget the great results I am grateful.

I have no hesitation in giving this written recommendation to whoever requires it (I have already recommended them to all my friends), and am more than happy to give a verbal recommendation in the future should you require it.


Breast Enlargement
Breast Reduction