Testimonials 2007

December 2007
Hello, I’ve just seen my new boobies created by the magnificent Dr Cerna. I had a breast reduction from 36E to 36D. 36D is my natural size and they look like an oil painting. Everyone here is fab – there’s everything you need and it’s very safe to stay on your own. Dr Cerna is a very good judge of what suits an individual – she would not just give you what you want for the sake of it – a top quality, I have to say.
Thank you, everyone
Lots of love K.

End of 2007
Hello zuzana,
it's C. J., just to letting you know how I'm getting on and to say thank you so much for all your help -- not only for my breast but for understanding me as a person and for wanting to help. I got some good books on self-esteem, which helped me see even more what a highly sensitive person you are, helping me understand more about myself and how people have treated me in the past, so thank you so much
luv C.J.

End of 2007
To Dr. Cerna and all the staff that looked after me so wonderfully during my stay!
Words alone can never express the gratitude and the happiness I feel and continue to feel about the treatment and the final results I received last year when I went for my breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Dr Cerna is an absolutely amazing surgeon! At a time when I felt so anxious and unsure I was put at complete ease and was looked after so well! You will be getting nothing but the best here! It was completely perfect from start to finish.
Thank you so so so much Dr. Cerna for giving me the confidence I thought I could never have. It has changed my life forever for the better!
Best Wishes...B.P. :) x x x

Nov 2007
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr Cerna, Marketa, Jaja and Monika. The care they showed was just brilliant. I had a tummy tuck in 2006 and more recently, in November 2007 I had liposuction done to help with my tummy and hips. The results after 5 weeks are amazing! I would recommend Laderma to everyone.

My friend Carol and I flew here on 5th of Nov, Carol for lower eye surgery and myself for the upper.
The care from all the staff has been excellent and we cannot fault it. From start to finish, they have been there to guide and advise so we didn’t have to worry about anything.
I even had my botox done, something else to remove from my list of things to do when I get home!
Just had our stitches out! Results amazing, can’t wait till bruising and swelling gone.
All the best, you are in safe hands
C. & C.

21-28 Oct 2007
I would first like to say thank you very much to the doctor and the staff here. I was nervous at first coming to a foreign country to have upper and lower eye bags removed. To read in this book made me feel at eas. Everybody was very nice here and there was no need to worry about anything. I will be back next year to have a face lift and breast reduction and at least when I come next time I will know. Again, big thank you to everybody.
Best wishes
A., England

Dr Cerna + her team,
A big thank you to Dr Cerna for the beautiful things that you have done to both our bodies. Ch. now has a gorgeous cleavage and my face looks amazing.
The team have been simply brilliant and each one of you have gone that extra mile to make both of us feel reassured and truly cared for. We would both like to give a special thank you to the night nurse who took care of us at the clinic. She was very patient and empathetic throughout the night.
We will both recommend you to our friends and family back home and I will return next year with my younger daughter who would like a surgery on her nose.
Many thanks
C.& Ch.

From Lancashire, UK
Clean, professional, kind, considerate, very surprised with our short stay in Prague, the service form the clinic has been second to none. Afraid to say much better than in UK.
Before, during, after the operation care was excellent.
So if you read this, don’t be nervous as there’s nothing to fear as you are in good hands.
A big thank you to all the staff for my big boobies!

2/Sept/07 – 10/Sept/07
My Laderma Journey
I arrived late Sunday evening after being picked up from the airport by Mr. Kozak (the Laderma driver). I have to be honest and say I was pretty scared as he didn’t seem to speak any English at all. However, he opened the fridge, the cupboards and he told me what was where and he also pointed to the mobile phone that was here in the apartment. When he indicated that he was going, I panicked a little: “Is anybody else here?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders and muttered ”8 o’clock”. I assumed he meant 8 the next day as it was now 10 p.m. After Mr Kozak departed, I poked my head out my apartment door and saw a young couple going into apartment A. I wasn’t alone here after all! Then I introduced myself and said that I was alone here getting a treatment, from the UK. Great, they were also from the UK – from London, in fact. Monday late morning I had my consultation with the doctor. Everything was fine. You see I was here to have upper and lower eye surgery. But I also wanted to have liposuction to my upper abs so a general anaesthesia was needed. I had my consultation with Dr Cerna later on in the day and she said that I was not a good candidate for liposuction and that I needed a tummy tuck. I admired her honesty! Marketa, the Laderma manager, knows everything if you’re stuck with anything, honestly, nothing is too much trouble for this lovely girl. I made friends with a wonderful couple who were in apartment No.5, “you know who you are”! They took me under their wing and after my surgery at the beautiful, sparkling new clinic just around the corner from the apartments, we spend a lot of the recovery time together, with Geoff (the hubby) looking after myself as well as his lovely wife. I am now 5 days post-operative and go home Monday evening after having my stitches removed first. I have no regrets in travelling outside the UK for my surgery, as everything throughout my journey had been positive.
Thank you, Marketa and the lovely nurses who looked after me at the clinic. If I have any regrets, it is that I didn’t get to see enough of this beautiful city and also that I come alone, although I had quite a minor surgery, compared to others. It would have been nice to have somebody else in the apartment with me.
Oh, I forgot to say that as I didn’t have the liposuction after all, I had my upper and lower eye bags removed with a local anaesthesia. I hope to be back in 2008 for a tummy tuck. If you are reading this, please don’t be scared, put your trust in Dr Cerna and her wonderful team and everything will be fine, just as I did, and many others before me.
From me who travelled alone and stayed in apartment 6
p.s. There is a vegetarian restaurant – left out of the apartment, front door left at the corner and a couple of yards is the restaurant. They do take-aways, it’s good and very cheap! Dr Cerna bought one for both me and my friend in apartment No. 5, when we were in.
Bagel bar just across the way is also good – and yes, also cheap. Now that’s service.

November 2007
Conclusion for the English speaking patients:

  • Great apartments, wonderful city
  • Professionality everywhere, very modern clinic with the best standard
  • Great plastic surgery by the very very very kind and lovely Dr Cerna and her nice staff
  • Would totally recommend it!!!

S.K.S. Germany

November 2007
We arrived in Prague on the 28th Oct, our flight was 1 hour late and four pieces of our luggage had been left in Vienna where we had a connecting flight. Our driver, Mr. Kozak, had waited over 2 hours for us. He was quite polite and very helpful, even after such a long wait. We were most pleased with our apartment and the location made it easy to shop, eat and sightsee. We now understand why Prague is often compared to Paris.
On the day of my husband’s upper and lower eye lid surgery, we were most impressed with the professionalism of Dr Cerna and her entire staff. My husband commented on the cleanliness of the surgery room. Dr Cerna explained every detail to us and phoned me after my husband’s surgery was complete.
The next day, she made a “house call” to the apartment. During our 9 day stay, Dr Cerna was only a phone call away, and even provided a cell phone. I can’t think of anything she overlooked.
We highly recommend Dr Cerna and we have every intention of coming back in the spring 2008.
If you are reading this before your procedure, relax because you are in good hands. If you have had your surgery already, it is true that the best way to see Prague is by walking, that is as soon as the doctor allows.
H. and K. from Tennessee, USA

On my first day at the accommodation, I was very nervous about having a surgery, until I read through this notebook. It made me feel a little bit more relaxed and I am happy to say that I am another patient who is so pleased about the outcome. I’d like to say that everyone, from the driver, doctors, assistants, surgeons and nurses have been fantastic. I’d like to thank Dr Cerna for being so lovely and making my stay feel so much more comfortable. The accommodation is great with everything close by. I was also very greatful that a few essentials were supplied. The surgery was so clean and the nurses were great. For many years, I wanted to have breast enlargement, and they’re better than I expected. So thank you so much, Dr Cerna.
I’d like to say thank you to everybody who works for the Laderma Clinic.
And I wish you all the very best.
J.K., London UK

I came for a liposuction and I was a bit stressed before the operation.
But, I felt so carefully taken care of and so safe in Dr Zuzana’s and her nurses’ hands. My fear was gone in a minute. It’s fantastic to have this experience with the Laderma team. UNIQUE!
I’m a nurse myself, for the past 12 years, and I’ve never seen a care like this.
Actually, I would like to write this in Norwegian, to make sure I can express myself clearly.
But I guess it would be difficult for the rest of you to understand!!
For the next patient: don’t worry, you are in the best hands, from the beginning to the end.
I’ll be back!
Love from Sign, Oslo, Norway

July, 2007
It has taken me 20 years to finally have a breast reduction. And although I was initially uneasy about having major surgery done by a complete stranger in a foreign city, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Really. I am amazed at how fantastic my breasts look. The whole experience has been fairly boring, to be honest (which is probably a good thing!) – lying around healing. That said, I have seen most of the city, in very small bites as it’s easy to get overly tired. Very little pain at all – more hot and itchy and uncomfortable. The team at Laderma are consistently pleasant, Dr Cerna is an amazing surgeon and I feel very lucky to have come here. The night nurse on duty during my stay was especially lovely – I reacted to the general anaesthesia and was retching on and off throughout the night. She was so kind and sweet, as though there was nothing in the world she would rather be doing than looking after me. I wish I knew her name. Dr Cerna was also bedside in the middle of the night. The woman never sleeps!
I leave a much happier, lighter, well-rested woman.

June 3-12, 2007
I came to Prague on reccommendation from my friend.
I was extremely nervous about my boob job. I cannot fault the care I received from Dr Cerna and her team. The appartment is lovely, a real home away from home. I get to see my new boobies tomorrow, I am quite scared. But very excited. I will write more once I´ve seen them!
Hardly any bruising at all. Wicked! Thank you Dr Cerna for making me feel like a very sexy feminine woman. I´ve waited 12 years for this and it was definitely worth the few days of uncomfortable pain. My sister Ch. has been looking after me – thank you! Good luck to all who read this, you are in very safe and gentle hands. I´ve made good friends, too. It's a very emotional time – be prepared for some tears!
Love J. Kent, UK

Dear Dr. Cerna, Marketa and Katerina
Thank you so much again for letting me come in so I could show off my lovely breasts, I can't thank you enough as it really has changed my life for the better. I am much more confident, and I have made so many positive changes to my life which has been long overdue. Thank you also for organizing Mr. Kozak to take me to the airport, that was very kind of you, and him.
I am very happy for Dr. Cerna to use any of the pictures she took to show people my results and if you would like me to talk to anyone who has questions about the surgery please feel free to give my number or email address. I am now saving up for my tummy tuck!!
Once again, thank you so much. I really can't say it enough. I wish you luck in the new clinic!
Kind regards to you all

this is the first opportunity that I have had since returning to the UK in July.
I had lower eye surgery on April 17th 2007 and would just like to say thank you for the excellent service that I received from all of the staff at the clinic. The information prior to the operation was helpful and the care during and after the operation was excellent and could not be faulted.
Everyone who I have seen since I returned to the UK commented on how well I looked and nobody realised until I told them, that I had received surgery.
All of my colleagues have commented on how they cannot see any signs of scarring or an operation having taken place.
So once again Many Thanks to everyone at the clinic.
Kind Regards
C.R., 14/08/07

It has been 5 months since being with Dr.Cerna and her fabulous team and I cannot say enough wonderful positive things about them. I work in the beauty industry and see many examples of breast augmentation done and I have yet to see an example of perfection such as mine. I have comments as such all the time. They look and feel so real one would never know unless being told. I love them. I have told many many clients to come to this clinic as I cannot fault it in any way, shape or form. From start to finish it was totally professional, clinical and most importantly careing. I am so pleased that so far there are six of us going next year to have various bits and pieces done. Well done to all of you and have faith that you have chosen the perfect place to go to when it comes to cosmetic procedures.
All the best

Dear Dr. Černá,
I do hope you won't be offended by my not having revealed myself as a medical colleague until my surgery (blepharoplasty) was completed.
They say that doctors make the worst patients, so hopefully I avoided that assessment. More importantly, I wanted to observe your facility, its staff, your clinical workup, advice, and surgical skills without any bias.
I was reassured by a warm welcome at the clinic by your clinic manager. The waiting area was comfortable and bright; it was not one of the lavish, opulently decorated waiting areas that are anything but comforting, but are in fact, intimidating and disquieting.
I came to the clinic for upper and lower eyelid surgery. Rather than being offered or advised to have additional procedures, I was counselled to avoid surgery on my lower eyelids, and that any sort of face lift should wait years.
A patient may ask and hope for many things, but two are essential; to be looked after by caring, competent medical staff, and to be cared for in a clean, functional, modern facility. The Laderma staff and clinic definitely satisfy these criteria.
The operation was stress free, and the arrangements for my aftercare made the convalescence trouble-free.
It was so helpful to be picked up at the airport, and I was very pleased with the Laderma accommodations. What a truly magnificent and fascinating city in which to convalesce!
If it would direct other people to receive your excellent care, please use this letter and my name as may be helpful to you.
As my age and vanity increase, so will my return visits to your wonderful clinic.
Thank you.

I had a tummy tuck last Tuesday and I give the Laderma Clinic and especially Dr Cerna big thanks for the excellent care I received. The nurses are great. Definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone.
P.R. , Canada

Arrived here on June 3rd after a 6 hours delay, to come to a lovely appartment. I came here with my friend to have a boob job done. Everybody here at the Prague Laderma Clinic has been exceptional you get all the needed care and attention. The operation wasn't as bad as expected and the pain after hasn't been bad so far at all.
Prague is a beautiful city, the food fantastic and drinks are very cheap. I would recommend Dr Cerna, Laderma and Prague city to anyone wanting to visit and have a surgery done or for a holiday.
L. and B.

I arrived in prague on 26/04/07, alone and slightly anxious. the clinic put me in touch with another lady who was arriving from the UK and having an op the same day as me.
The driver collected me and took me to the clinic for a consultation. Dr Cerna gave a personal service way above anything that would be offered by any UK surgeon. She put me at ease. Arrangements were made for my surgery the next day. Waiting in the clinic was the lady who they put me in touch with. Wonderful,I was alone no more.
Dr Cerna collected us the next morning from the apartments , which were fully equippped and lovely.
I had my mammograph at the nearby clinic and later that day had my op. I had no worries at all. The clinic was spotless, no outdoor clothes allowed. They provided everything. Slippers , night gown, underwear and dressing gown. Spotless, even the toilet seat moved around and was cleaned each time you placed your hand above it.
My op went well, woke up in a bit of a state, the anaesthetist was there and stayed with me until my pain killer kicked in a few moments later. The nursing staff were amazing - very attentive with great sense of fun and humour. Made me laugh a few times at my silly dvt stocking. Throughout the night, the care was fantastic.
I went home the next day after Dr Cerna removed the dains and escorted me back to the apartment. She phoned me and visited throughout the week. I phoned her a few times in the week , she picked up personally each time. I never felt that I was a pest, my concerns were unfounded and my mind was put at ease. I feel she became a friend throughout the week and trust her dearly. The clinic staff, especially Martina were just great absolutely no complaint from me.
I went for breast reduction surgery and came home with great boobs and lots of friends. The bagel bar across the road from the apartment was fab. The apartments are well located and I even did some sight seeing during my week stay. I would recommend Dr Cerna and Laderma to all.

From start to finish, this has been a fantastic experience. Dr Černá and her team are brilliant, Prague is beautiful and the food is out of this world!!!
To all those who come after me – relax and enjoy, you are in excellent hands.
I will certainly recommend Laderma to all my friends and family.
Good luck to everyone, you will look fantastic
Kent, England

Dear Dr Černá and staff,
I just want you to know I appreciate everything you have done for me. Things have been so well organized from the moment I was picked up from the airport. Dr Černá is a „saint“. Nothing is too much trouble for her, her team of nurses were so caring and considerate, from the moment I entered the Clinic. I am a nurse myself and just wish the nurses in my country were as caring and kind. I will certainly be coming back.
Many thanks
P. from Worcestershire

Lovely apartments, the bed is lovely to sleep on, I would recommend this place to everyone. T. + A. from Scunthorpe, England

Dear Katerina.
I would like to thank you all for how well I have been treated during my stay in Prague. A big thank you to Dr Cerna for my breast enlargement and how well she's treated me. She is a lovely lady and I would definitely recommend her to my friends.
Thank you
S. 25/2/2007

Hi, its R. Just emailing you to ask how Dr Cerna is as she was getting ill when I was in Prague. I didn‘t get a chance to thank her before I left. I am so pleased of what she has done, I can‘t thank her enough. And to all of you – it was a pleseant stay, you were all so nice. I have praised you up to everyone and said how well you looked after me. I will send you pictures of my tummy when it has all healed. Dr Cerna, I thank you so much. I am really pleased. I hope you are well and if ever I need any more surgery, I know where to go.
Thank you once again,
R. 20/2/2007

When I came here, I felt very anxious. It took just one visit to the clinic to make me feel at ease. All of the staff and Dr Černá have been fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble. I have had a face-lift and one week later had my upper and lower lids done. Results are fantastic.
I have seen many people coming in and out, all have nothing but praise for the care and the surgery.
I will recommend this place to everybody.
Thank you very very much, Dr Černá
Good luck to you all
You are a remarkable woman, Dr Černá!

14the Feb, 2007
To Dr Černá, Markéta, Jana and all the other nurses on the night shift that took great care of me.
I wanna thank the doctor first and formost – for her honesty. I would not have been able to go through the operation without it. I have really enjoyed my stay here in Prague and I hope to come back in the nearest future (not for an operation, just to say hello).
And many big thanks to the Clinic manager Markéta, for her professionalism and her help. And to Jana (the nurse) who took care of me. To be honest, I don’think I would have had this much care in the United Kingdom. You were very patient and loving and understanding.
Thanks to everyone at Laderma Clinic and you’re surely get recommendations from me.
Love you all
P., London, UK

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed my stay in Prague so much. Dr Černá, Dr Singerová and staff at Laderma have turned a somewhat distressing operation and time into a very happy and pleasurable experience. I had the othoplasty operation on my large ears, now they are perfect after the operation! Exactly how I wanted them, I am so pleased with the outcome. If you’re having this operation, it is just a little uncomfortable when trying to sleep but I was amazed I thought it would be much more painfull but it’s actually no problem. Don’t worry. The apartment here is also great and the location is splendid, if you need to take the tram to Laderma Clinic, take No. 22, 23 or 6 from I.P.Pavlova stop at the top of the road. Get off at stop Narodni trida (on Spalena street). I will highly recommend Laderma Clinic to anyone who is seeking aesthetic or plastic surgery. Thanks for a great stay Ch., UK xxx

Today is 27/01/07 and I am now 11 days post-op breast augmentation.
I came to Prague alone, leaving my husband, a surgeon, and four children at home in England. I was treated so well from the moment of my arrival in Prague that an email to thank you seems inadequate.
As a registered nurse working in the NHS for the past 16 years, I was amazed and humbled by the individualised, patient centered, professional and caring service I received at the Laderma Clinic. Unfortunately the NHS (and many,many private hospitals in the UK) fail to provide anywhere near this level of service.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Cerna, her profession is obviously a vocation! She goes above and beyond anything one would normally expect of their surgeon. Undoubted great technical ability (my surgical husband is very impressed by my incision lines!!) but most of all such a kind, caring and thoughtful person.
A big thank you to Marketa for being so kind and reassuring and to Katerina for taking care of every practical arrangement.
I also need to say an enormous thank you to all the nursing staff involved in my care. So compassionate and caring. There was one nurse in particular who cared for me through the night of the 14th January (I am ashamed that I did not learn her name). I must have been such a demanding patient that night, yet she remainded so patient and attentive all night long. I would be grateful if you could pass on my eternal gratitude to her for me.
I came to Prague for surgery because it was affordable but would now recommend the Laderma clinic to anyone as a first choice above anything that is offered in the UK regardless of price. Dr Cerna and the Laderma Clinic have set the gold standard in plastic surgery.
I am more than happy to be contacted by email by any prospective clients to share my experience and recommend your clinic.
Yours sincerely

25th Jan 07
I would like to thank Dr Černá and her team. They have been marvelous, so polite and caring. They make you feel at ease from day one. I had no worries about getting my face lift and eyes done. Cannot fault anything, after care is marvelous. Prague is a lovely place , I hope to return soon, Thank you K.

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