Testimonials 2006

Dear Dr. Cerna & your excellent team,
may I send my best wishe. I am so pleased with my bust reduction -- the whole procedure was absolutely marvellous. Recovery is going well, only a slight discomfort at the moment, especially around the nipple on the right bust. But it is healing well, I am doing as I was told. I can't thank you enough -- you, your team and your husband -- for the total care and kindness during my visit.
Thank you A.H.

Hi Zuzana,
I would definitely recommend your Clinic (and have done so already) to a number of my colleagues and friends. I believe my sister C. has already emailed you some pictures to get an estimated price. The service and the whole experience was fantastic, ten times better than what you get over here and for that I want to say thank you.

We recently (November 14, 2006) both had the SMASS facelifts done,
and the results are fantastic. Most people notice that "something" is different but can´t quite decide what and say we are both looking thinner and incredibly relaxed and 10 years younger!
The care and aftercare at Laderma were first rate. Zuzana even went out to get us Chinese food one evening. The apartment was extremely warm and comfortable and we got to see a lot of very interesting DVD movies.
We had the stiches taken out in Berlin about 2 weeks after the operation and the scars are healing nicely. The only real discomfort was having the bandanges wrapped tightly around the head and ears but there was no pain.
Both of us want to thank you for your warmth and professionalism and certainly for the incredible results. We have referred a number of our clients to your Clinic.
Hope to see you and your husband sometime in Berlin
With kindest regards,
B.and S.

Wow. What a fantastic experience.
I am a registered nurse in the UK and have just returned home on the 30/10/2006.The care and attention I received at the Laderma clinic really puts our healthcare to shame.From the initial consultation, I was always in the driving seat and was always given time to ask questions.The staff are lovely, so kind and helpful.Nothing is too much trouble.I had a breast reduction done and the results are way beyond my expectations. Dr Cerna is my heroine and without doubt, she has changed my life.She is such a friendly and professional person and was always at the end of the phone if I needed to speak to her. She is clearly not in this for the money and the prices reflect this.The standard of care is so high I cannot praise it highly enough.I have only one complaint: They give you far too much for breakfast!! I would have no hesitation in returning to Dr Cerna and her team and have recommended her to lots of my friends. A truely fantastic and very positive experience. Should anyone wish to e-mail me directly, you can get my address from Dr Cerna. I will never be able to thank all of the team at the Clinic enough and shall certainly never forget them.

Thank you so much, Dr Černá, for your professionalism, expertise and first class care. I have never experienced care like this, from start to finish. The nursing staff were amazing, nothing too much trouble, so kind and caring. I am grateful to you all for all the care and attention shown to me throughout my stay.
Thank you all so very much
Best regards
S., UK + H., UK

I came back from Prague a few days ago. My head is filled with good memories and they will remain there for a very long time.
Not only is my face-lift operation a great success, I have been treated like a princess all along. There are many thanks I would like to pass on. Firstly to the great organisers, Marketa & Katerina.
Everything was taken care of, from start to finish. Thanks to the staff at the Clinic also -- you are very professional.
Last but not least, Dr Cerna. What an amazing woman! She's so kind, so generous and a fantastic surgeon. I have a lot of respect for her and I would like to express my gratitude for the great results!!! It's even better than in my wildest dreams.
Thanks, Dr Cerna.

For you Readers, if you consider an operation with Laderma -- don't think twice, go for it!
K.N. 18.10.2006

I came here for a face-lift and it’s just fantastic. Dr Černá, you are a great surgeon and can only praise you for making me look beautiful again.
Also, many thanks to you nurses for making me feel at ease and it was great experience from start to finish.
So, if you are a new comer, don’t worry, you are in good hands!!!
Lots of love

2nd Oct, 2006
I came from England to have a tummy tuck and liposuction and I won’t lie and say I wasn’t nervous before the operation. Dr Černá and her nursing team (especially Jana) were caring, considerate (basically brilliant) before and after the surgery.
I will be back in the future and will definitely recommend you to my friends without a doubt.
The whole set-up is professional from start to finish.
See you soon and good luck
From a very happy Yorkshire lass
Thank you, Markéta, for all your help, love you.
M. xxx

I am still so happy with my lipo results and have reccomended you to many friends. I hope you received the positive feedback that I wrote. My husband and I both have fond memories of your clinic and staff and beautiful Prague and it's people.
E., 10.9.06

Thank you so much for all your kindness and support.
I have been singing your praises to anyone who‘d listen! I am really pleased with my new flat tummy and so impressed with the first class treatment and care that I received. Thank you also for your kindness and consideration towards my mum and son. The apartment was lovely and the whole experience from start to finish was amazing. I would not hesitate to return in the future.
Thank you once again
Best wishes Emily 12.08.06

All three of us arrived here on the 31th of July for the Breast Enlargement operation.
We were all very nervous and excited. Dr. Černá is very professional and gave us the best advice considering the size and shape to suit our body shapes etc. We are all extremely pleased with the results. Although we have experienced quite a lot of pain and discomfort mostly during the nights, it got much better very soon. They say this is to be expected due to the implants being applied behind the muscle. We would advise anyone coming to Prague for this surgery to bring somebody along, to help with shopping, lifting etc. All the staff at Laderma were readily available when needed and frequently checked on us via visits and telephone. The apartments are really lovely and the location is excellent. We would recommend the Laderma clinic to anyone who is anxious to travel around for Surgery, the clinic is fab and once you visit, you will feel extremely welcome.
Thank you to all at the Laderma clinic!
T & E & C, 8th August 2006

I would like to say a massive „Thank you“ to Dr. Černá.
She is the most caring, loving person I have meet in a long time, she made me and my family feel really welcome. Dr. Černá has made my dream come true - I had my breasts enlarged last week. I was really scared and she calmed me down and put my mind at ease. I had my first shower and first real look at my breasts on Saturday, and they are so beautiful!
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.
All our love xxx
Caroline 6.8.2006

I have just returned home to the UK after a Breast Enlargement surgery.
Everything about my experience in Prague was excellent! The apartment was beautiful, Dr. Černá and her staff were all so friendly and welcoming, I wouldn't have had the same care in the UK. I LOVE the results, and would recommend the Laderma Clinic to everybody. The prices may be lower than in the UK, but it certainly doesn‘t mean that the quality is any less.
Thanks again to everyone!
E., 1/8/2006

Arrived for a Tummy Tuck, both excited and nervous!
Wow, what a 5-star service I received! Dr. Černá is a wonderful person with a real gift. She made me feel safe in her care at all times. I feel great inside and out and can‘t say there was much pain at all.
I would like to thank the whole team, from the bottom of my heart!
D.C., 28th July 2006

I came over with my mum and my 3-year-old son...
„Not ideal“, some might say. However, he is very good and has been fantastic the whole time. The clinic was recommended to me, so I decided to come to Prague for a Tummy Tuck. I have found everything wonderfully organized - from being collected at the airport, through to the operation itself and the following after-care. Dr. Cerna is the most professional and caring person who made me feel relaxed and at ease from start to finish. The whole Laderma team have been amazing, the apartment is lovely and I would highly recommend the Clinic to anyone back home. The day after my surgery, Dr. Černá accompanied me in the taxi back to the apartment, which I thought was very kind of her. Marketa phoned regularly to check on my progress. After a few days, I was moving around and improving daily. I am flying home today, 9 days after my operation. My tummy is looking really good and I am feeling much better than I imagined I would. To all of you coming here - Best of luck with your surgery and in my opinion, you really are in the very best hands!
Emily, 27th July 2006

It is the 3rd day after my Breast Enlargement.
I can‘t say how pleased I am with everything from the minute I arrived. Me and my partner D. have had A1 service. Dr. Černá and all her staff are absolute professionals and the whole set up is fantastic. So glad I came. I shall recommend this clinic to anyone who wants cosmetic surgery.
M.C., 15th July 2006

Dear Zuzana.
Hi, I hope all is well with you and the clinic. Before I forget - good luck with the football today! I took my stitches out 3 weeks after the operation, because I couldn‘t face the hospital. So I did it myself - and didn‘t feel a thing. It looks great, the swelling is nearly all gone and I feel only a very mild discomfort. It gets better every day. I can‘t find the words to thank you enough for what you‘ve done for me and my self-confidence. I will come over again to have my nose done and hope you can do this for me. I will send some pictures when my ears are all healed so you can see your "handy work".
Thank you again, all the best
Ch., 17th June 2006

I came to Laderma for Liposuction in April 2006.
The staff, apartments and the treatment were amazing. I am very nervous of hospitals and operations but Dr. Černá made me feel safe, comfortable and welcome. It was so lovely to have such a kind and wise surgeon. The fact that she is a woman was a bonus. Prague is a gorgeous city, the Czech people are so friendly, I am incredibly happy with the results of the surgery and hope to return for rhinoplasty soon.
I have also recommended Laderma to many friends!

Good morning from a warm and sunny UK!
It is now only 11 days since my surgery and I feel great. The wound is healing exceptionally well and I am able to run my home and do the cooking. I would like to put on record what a first class experience it was from start to finish. I have been in hospital on numerous occasions and never before found a doctor who was more like a friend, or experienced such kindness and consideration from all members of this wonderfully run clinic. It would give me a lot of pleasure to be able to reassure any new patients who aren‘t decided yet. Myself and my daughters will be returning as the operation is of such a standard I have no fears to get my face done, or my girls to get their breasts done.
Thank you again, S.

Dear Dr. Cerna and staff,
Just would like to say I appreciate everything you have done for me to make this operation possible. I really do appreciate this. All the nurses were very helpful and great, thanks to Jan and Katerina and yourself for your efforts at the Clinic and the Hospital.
Thank you, B.

Hi people!
Four of us came (second time here for two of us) . K., A., B. and T. - the girls from England. The care was 100%, three of us had tummy tucks, the other a boob reduction. Dr. Cerna and Katerina, her husband Jan and all the staff could not do enough for us. No worries, lovely apartments. We are all over the moon with our ops.
Arrived 24.4.06, left fully satisfied 30.4.06

Hi, Folks!
This is my 8th day after the operation, I´ve had my final check-up today and will be leaving tomorrow. I´ve had a breast reduction (minus 900 g on each side, two cups sizes) and I´m very pleased with the results. I have had very little pain (much less than expected), and everything has healed very fast. The circumstances were perfect – from the arrangement through the surgery to the care before and after! Even with their busy schedule, Dr. Cerna, Katerina and the entire staff were available whenever they were needed and took great personal care. For all those who read this after theit arrival: don´t be afraid of anything – you will get the best possible treatment. And you will also get a good chance to enjoy one of Europe´s most beautiful cities. You won´t regret coming here!
Best wishes to everyone, E.

Dear Zuzana,
We are both absolutely delighted with our eyes - in fact it has made me quite vain, as I cannot stop looking at my eyes and how different (and better) they look without all that droopy skin! Everything about our stay in Prague was excellent - the accommodation, the surgery, your nurses and especially you. Thank you so much.
I have had lots of interest and questions in the school playground - and lots of other mothers have been asking for your name and email address, so you may have lots of business from the north-east of England! With many thanks again.
J.L.& J.P., 15.3.2006

Dr. Cerna and Laderma Team,
thank you so much for all your support, care and treatment throughout my stay. What a wonderful experience! I am grateful to all of you for making me feel better quickly. I will be back again soon. Once again I would like to thank you all for the care and attention.
Best regards R.L. 4.3.2006

We both came here for the upper eyelid surgery (to start with!!) and chose Prague because we have visited several times before and also the prices are so much cheaper than the UK. We have been absolutely delighted with everything – the accommodation, the smooth arrangements and especially Dr. Cerna and the nurses at the Clinic. Dr. Cerna is the loveliest person, caring, kind and so professional. She explained everything before, during and after our surgery and put us completely at eas. We would not hesitate to come back here and will be recommending it to all our friends.

Thank you so much for my treatment and accommodation in Prague, Dr. Cerna.
It is far superior to anything I have experienced in the UK, even though I have previously paid enormous amounts of money for my care.
I will be thoroughly recommending you to my friends, especially those who expressed concerns about coming here for a treatment.
The whole experience was far better than I expected and I will definitely come back again.
Best regards from Wales, UK, C.W. 24.2.2006

Dear Dr. Cerna,
Thank you so much for the kindness and the care,of both yourself and your team at the clinic. Although it is early yet, I am delighted so far with my new flat tummy after my tummy tuck. I was amazed how quickly I recovered (going home after one week!).
Thank you so much,
A. 5. 1. 2006

To Zuzana and all her team.
Would just like to say thank you so much for my new boobs. They are already looking brilliant, I know that when the muscles have. hardened in a month´s time, they‘ll look perfect. I came on my own and you and your team made my stay so great. I was home sick on the first day but as soon as I got to the clinic the next day, all them worries went. I will be back to get my tummy tuck done either next year or the year after.
Looking forward to meeting you again. I will send over some photos in a few months when famous!!!
All my love and best wishes,
Ch., 24.1.2006

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