Cosmetic Holiday in Prague

Why not treat yourself yet more?


Besides achieving your personal goal body-wise, you can also “feed your soul and eyes” by spending a little holiday in the beautiful city of Prague. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is considered (both geographically and culturally) the “Heart of Europe” and is often counted among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is not only an amazing city but also a very kind and accessible place to spend time in, enjoying the metropolitan atmosphere without any stress. Since tourism has become very big in the past few decades, there are lots of lively cafés and restaurants, fascinating sightseeing, museums, theatres, elegant shops… There is so much to see, so much to do – all in a very relaxed way.

Cosmetic Surgery in the Czech Republic

European Standards

The standard of plastic and cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic is very high and the facilities and the actual procedures are identical or comparable to clinics and centers in other European countries as well as the USA. The surgeries are performed by highly qualified, experienced specialists. As anywhere else, there might be exceptions to this standard, therefore it is very important to take the time to investigate in what the plastic and cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic has to offer.

Facilities and Qualification

Facilities providing plastic and cosmetic surgery services are absolutely comparable to those in the “highly priced” countries such as the USA, Great Britain, France or Germany. Attractive interiors, top-quality appliances, high level of hygiene (disposable instruments and material), cleanliness and of course perfect services are the rule, not the exception. The Czech clinics have been a popular destination of many foreign clients.

Considering the qualification of plastic surgeons, the European standards are guaranteed by strict legal precautions. For example, Czech legislation does not allow general surgeons to carry out plastic surgery operations. In order to become a certified plastic surgeon, a general surgeon must undergo an additional period of at least 5 years of specialized studies, training and checks, rounded off with a final exam. Attaining the certification, there are still 3 years of continuous, documented practice in plastic surgery before a plastic surgeon obtains the competence and full authority as a certified Specialized Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon.


The prices of cosmetic procedures are 50-70% less than in the USA or Great Britain, considering that the services provided are more or less identical.

Additional Information

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* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.