Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck - Jennifer

I arranged to have a tummy-tuck [abdominoplasty] in September 06. All the arrangements were made very efficiently. I met Dr Cerna and was immediately put at ease by her manner. She conveys a high degree of professionalism with a genuinely caring manner. I felt I could easily trust this doctor with my life and my saggy bits.

I usually suffer quite ill effects from the anaesthetics so I was prepared for the vomiting and general dopey feeling that I usually experience. It didn’t happen, on coming round I actually though the operation had not taken place. When I realised that it had happened I thought well when this wears off the pain is really going to hit me. It would not be true to say that there is no pain but it is more like discomfort. Getting in and out of bed while trying to hang on to your drains is tricky. Luckily the nurses know exactly what to do. Their lack of English is no barrier, these ladies are caring and patient and psychic. I have not experienced care like it anywhere. Before being discharged the drains are removed-ouch.

After the operation you are fitted with a corset type garment with 3 velcro straps designed to hold you together. This will be your new best friend for the next 6 weeks. When walking you have to bend over and sleeping is done sitting up with a pillow under the knees. So for 6weeks you will not get much sleep and your back will ache. And it is so worth it, I would do it again without a moment’s hesitation.

Dr Cerna and her team made it an almost pleasurable experience. They could not do enough to ensure my stay [and my husbands] was an enjoyable one. Everything is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Any problems with the apartment are fixed without a fuss by either Katerina or Marketa the clinic managers. And Prague is so beautiful take a walking tour if you can it is well worth it. Eating out is very reasonable and very enjoyable.

I really cannot praise Dr Cerna and her team highly enough, but if you would like to contact me I will try.

Jennifer, +440 7772944921, e-mail: jennifer@crcuk.net

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