Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck and Face Lift - g.l.

I initially came with a friend who was having a procedure 4 years ago and was very impressed with the care and results of my friend's surgery. I came back 3 years ago for a face lift and was thrilled with my results and again very impressed with the surgical facility, the accommodation on the same floor as the clinic, and the care and attention from Dr. Cerna and her staff.

Two months ago I returned for a full tummy tuck and stayed two weeks. I couldn't believe that I never had any pain whatsoever and never needed the pain medication provided. I was out and about after the drains were removed on day 4 and felt fantastic. The staff definitely make you feel a home and the accommodation was great. Dr. Cerna or her nurse monitored my progress every day of my stay and gave me aftercare information for my return home. I have been following that advice and now, 8 weeks later, I am back to yoga and my regular activities. My tummy looks nice and flat now and I have a waist again after 3 children. Many kudos to Dr. Cerna and all of the great staff at Laderma!" 

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.