Breast Reduction


Since I was younger I had very big breasts for my age. I was so self conscious about them and felt I couldn't wear clothes my friends were wearing due to the size. They made me feel bigger then I actually was and girls my age were wearing lovely dresses that I couldn't.

The NHS kept saying no to a reduction and I felt so depressed I just sat and cried. I was diagnosed with hyper mobility which meant my joints were dislocating and due to the weight of my breasts it hurt my knees and also pulled my shoulder out a few times! I tried to loose weight but I lost it everywhere apart from my chest and they kept growing. I thought my life was over!

My family couldn't let me carry on through life so upset so they decided to look at surgeons online. My mums friend had surgery at Laderma and told us to do abit of research, I looked at loads of surgeons and clinics and non were as good at Laderma!

It's a big step going abroad to a foreign country for surgery but I knew it was the only option. After all my tests and the consultation I was so at ease and felt so happy with the staff and environment. That was a big thing for me as I suffer with anxiety. I felt no pain and was treat like a princess.

I honestly can't thank the team at Laderma enough you have changed my life and also helped bring back my confidence! I can't recommend this clinic and team enough from start to finish everything was perfect! I will never forget my experience at Laderma.


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