Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Liposuction and Blepharoplasty - Kerris A.

I am writing this letter of reference for my treatment in Prague under Dr Cerna.

In August 03 I decided to undergo liposuction and removal of lower eye bags. I had already decided to go abroad after checking various clinics, the standard of care abroad was just as good if not better, and the price was more reasonable than in UK.

I decided to choose this clinic, and from day one of talking to them, I felt reassured, their manner was professional, friendly, and more importantly efficient. I was given all necessary information both verbally and written before I flew to Prague. On arriving in Prague I was looked after from the moment I set foot off of the plane, being collected and taken to the flat I was to stay in (it was immaculate). Dr Cerna herself rang me to welcome me to Prague, and explained everything that was to happen, she arranged for my transport to her surgery herself.

On the day of my surgery I had my consultation, throughout Dr Cerna put me at ease, I found her very compassionate and caring towards me, but more importantly honest to what could be achieved, and what could be done for me, (I have big hips), her experience was blatantly obvious, and I took her recommendations for a slight amendment to my treatment, it was felt liposuction and sculpting would be more appropriate for me, to put me more in proportion, all of this was at the same cost.

It was obvious Dr Cerna took great pride in her work and wanted to do the best possible job she could for me. After my consultation I was required to have a blood test and physical to ensure I was fit for surgery which I was. I was then allowed to sightsee around Prague for a couple of hours, when I returned I was shown to my room, measured up and fitted for surgery, I was looked after fantastically, I had my own nurse who looked after me after surgery and through the night, and I have to say I am eternally grateful for her kindness.

In the morning after breakfast I was checked over and allowed to go back to the flat, all post-care was explained to me and I was given painkillers for the week. In the flat you are provided with a phone with Dr Cerna's number if you have any concerns, and before flying back to the UK, Dr Cerna did her last check.

During both my pre and post-surgery, I found my treatment by Dr Cerna and her colleagues excellent, and to a standard I would class as higher than most UK clinics, (I can vouch for this after having previous surgery in UK), and at a much more achievable price. Not only were they excellent in their medical treatment of me, achieving maximum results, but they were compassionate and approachable at all times, even if I just wanted to reassure myself or go through anything, as is natural when your going for an operation. For the fantastic treatment given to me, and not to forget the great results I am grateful.

I have no hesitation in giving this written recommendation to whoever requires it (I have already recommended them to all my friends), and am more than happy to give a verbal recommendation in the future should you require it.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.