Face Lift (SMAS), Neck Lift

Facelift - Katherine

I leave tomorrow after being in the clinic for almost nine days. I have been looked after so very well by both Dr. Cerna and her entire staff. I was quite worried when I arrived as I was on my own from England. Care being to snag all for surgery, any surgery as a worry. Even when you stay in your own Coventry. It´s natural to be feeling this way, I don´t think wherever you would choose to go for your surgery, that you would be looked after as well as I have been here at Laderma.

The whole team will make you feel safe secure. And you know that you are in the most capable hand at all times. I wish you well with yours surgery believe it will be trust perfect as you want. I leave tomorrow and fly home to finish recuperation.

I´m still quite swollen... but to be expected as everyone is different, you will go through good days and someone not so. And you will wonder what you will look like after the swelling goes down. And it will then you will think well done me and be very proud of yourself it´s a big step one. I´m glad that I took: I do honestly feel that you will be more than happy with results, as I´m sure I will too! This is a great team here. Please don´t worry, all will be well.

You made a good wise choice coming to Prague and Laderma. I have surgery before in England many years ago, and was never looked after as well as you will be here, from arriving to going home. Relax, you are in good hands.

Best regards! Katherine (England)

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