Face Lift (SMAS), Neck Lift

Facelift and Necklift - F.

F., age 46, face - neck lift
Hi, I came to Prague 6-4-08 with my Mum. I am having a face + neck lift. My operation is on 8th April. I feel very nervous. Marketa made me feel very welcome and very relaxed. Dr. Cerna is fab, it’s like talking to one of your friends. You really don’t feel she is a surgeon.

Well, day after my op looking good, feel no pain yet. 2nd day!! Still feel good, been to have my nails done across the road. 3rd day a bit of swelling and bruising. Just a little discomfort. Sat 5th day bandaging off, washing my hair, stay tend.
Sun 6th day.

So good moving to apartment, it has a balcony, Sun is shining. So will have to end here but must say looking good only 4 days past op.

So eat your heart out 10 years younger!!
Dr. Cerna and her team are saints.
Coming back boobs and upper eyes.

F., UK, xx

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