Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery - J. and J.

25-5-08 – 2-6-08, aged 50, upper and lower eyelid surgery

Hi, I am leaving today, 6 days post op and waiting for Dr. Cerna to arrive and remove stitches.

My overall impression of my Prague experience will be how professional, caring, friendly, kind and welcoming Dr. Cerna, Marketa and the team have been.

The idea of a local anaesthetic terrified me but it was soon over I was back at the apartment. I have my good friend J. with me throughout and thank goodness because it is important to stick to the instructions wearing and changing the dressings, taking medications as recommended which would be impossible to do without a caring friend. I was visited every day by both Dr. Cerna and Marketa, because my left eye was much more swollen and bloodshot. Dr. Cerna arranged a specialist eye surgeon to attend and reassure me all was OK and normal. On the 3rd post op day after the all clear from Dr. Cerna I ventured out to explore Prague. I would strongly recommend venturing out towards the old town, Charles bridge, The Palace/Castle and most definitely beyond to the Petrin area of the city for views, clean air and peace. If you can’t manage this post op I would strongly recommend doing this before. Wenceslas square is only worth spending a visit if you want to shop the high street shops.

Tips: Food.
The corner shop to the left is fantastic for fresh fruit, veg and all the basics. Tesco express is also only 5 mins walk away.

Be careful and agree a price before travelling from the apartment to the old town should cost around 200 kc.

Restaurants and bars
Check prices as they vary greatly from place to place.

Overall it has been a really positive experience and I can’t wait to the end result.

A massive thankyou to all the Laderma team. Good luck.
J. and J.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.