Breast Lift

Breast Uplift and Reduction - Z.

I arrived here on Saturday, Mr.Kozak (the driver) was very pleasant and we arrived at Rumunska street 22. The apartment was very clean and tidy.

The following morning I met Marketa and Radana (Clinic Managers) and the chief surgeon Dr. Zuzana Cerna. Well, immediately I felt very comfortable. Dr. Cerna is the most fantastic soul! She is a wonderful woman who is amazing at her job. I have gone from a G cup to a big C, I am a horse rider (dressage) and my breasts were not ideal. The hospital care was fantastic and Monika and Jaja (nurses) were such lovely nurses as I did not sleep and they checked on me constantly. The other ladies who are staying here who had a Facelift and Breast Reduction as well were lots of fun and also very pleased with everything. What I loved was that the whole team are ladies and you feel completely comfortable and not just an open bank account where they tell you that you need 10 other things doing! I am going home with exceptionally perky breasts and to spread the good news!

Thanky to all the girls and especially Dr. Cerna.
Love. Z.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.