Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction - Olivia 2013

Olivia (21 years) - Breast reduction - Patient

As my mum has said before me, the testimonials that have already been written in this book speak for themselves!

There are no other words to describe my experience at Laderma, being cared for by Dr. Cerna and her lovely team, except for ´absolutely fantastic´!!

The care I have received during my week here has been nothing short of amazing, with the nurses checking in with me everyday to make sure that not only were my wounds looking ok, but if me and my mum were ok, did we need anything, etc.!

They are all so kind and welcoming and as many of the testimonials before were described, they really do treat you as a member of their own family!

I am beyond amazed at the results I am already seeing on day 4 from Dr. Cerna´s fantastic work and can´t believe just how amazing of a job she has done for me!

I will be forever graetful to not only Dr. Cerna, but the whole team here at Laderma for making my experience such an enjoyable one and for doing me a new lease of life!

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.