Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction - J., N., W.

I just want to write to all Zuzana’s patients that you couldn’t be in better, more caring hands.

Our story starts in November 2006. My mom, my sister and a good friend of ours came to have surgery done. My sister, who wanted to have breast reduction done, was sent to have a mammograph scan. The scan showed a black mass under the breast tissue. My sister was then advised to go back to see Zuzana. Zuzana arranged for a more detailed scan – the following day. My sister was hysterics at the thought of having cancer. Zuzana accompanied her to the second scan, which also showed the black mass. Zuzana arranged for my sister to go home immediately. It turned out she did have grade 2 breast cancer. In the UK, she was successfully operated on and went through the chemo-and radio therapy.

The whole ordeal was a nightmare and it took my sister two years to fully recover. My mom, our friend and I have come back to have rejuvenation treatments and to thank Zuzana for saving my sister’s life. Zuzana is a wonderful, spiritual lady and we are forever in debt to her for the love, care and concern she has give to our whole family. Isn’t it lovely to have a happy ending!

Thank you, Zuzana. We have you deep in our hearts!
J., N., W.

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