Breast Lift with Implants

Breast Lift and Implant Surgery - D. A.

We arrived here May 10 for my breast lift and implant surgery. Mr Kozak was waiting for us when we arrived at the train station and was very friendly. I met with Dr. Cerna on Monday and she was wonderful, very good communicating with me about my desire for the operation.

I went in to the clinic Tuesday and the staff was great, the nurses were very sweet and made sure I had everything I needed. Dr. Cerna and her staff have checked on me everyday since the surgery. She is very thorough and has worked hard to make my breast beautiful, which they are!! She makes sure all your questions are answered she has made sure I know that I can contact her after I am home. I was feeling so much better by Friday that I met with the dermatologist today and had botox done. She was wonderful. Her number is in the cell phone, great gift for yourself after surgery. Thank you Laderma staff !

D. A.

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