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Breast Enlargement - T. 2009

Hello All,
I am here for a breast enlargement. I came here on Sunday night (01.03.09) accompanied by my mother in law to be who also had an operation planned (face lift).

The service has been excellent from start to finish. We were picked up on time at the airport and driven to our lovely accommodation.

On the Monday I went to a local clinic with Marketa for an ultrasound. Marketa explained the procedure and was very calming. Most of Monday was taken up by consultations and to discuss the operation with Dr. Cerna, who is a real gem.
Although I was very unsure + apprehensive, all the staff made you feel at ease.

On the Tuesday we went to the clinic for our ops. I was due to have my breast enlargement at 11 am and I was given medicine to ensure I was relaxed.

Once out from the op, I was looked after so well. I can not fault the clinic staff. Every other hour I was checked on throughout the 24 hour stay there.

From then till now (Saturday) I have slept and been able to relax in the comfort of the great accommodation.

I can truly say that Laderma looks after each and every patient and I would definitely recommend to all.

Thanks to all at Laderma
T. xxx

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