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Breast Enlargement - R.

Hello, my name is R. and I came here with my friend Ch. on Monday. I came here for the breast enlargement, as I heard so many positive things. When I arrived, I had a blood test and ECG done, everything went brilliantly and so smooth. Dr Cerna then gave me a consultation for the following morning. Tuesday morning we got ready to go into surgery. My friend wasn’t allowed with me because of infections, which made me feel scared and alone.

But I felt better as the day went on. It all happened so fast I can’t even remember staying the night. But when I woke up from the operation, I felt a lot of pain as I had silicon under my breast muscle, which hurts more. But as the day went on, it got better.

Two days after the operation, Dr Cerna removed my bandages and for the first time in my life, I had boobs! I was so happy! But still hurting. I went from 34A – 34C (small C) which works brilliant for my figure.

I’m so glad I came here. Everything and everybody have been fantastic.

Thank you, Dr Cerna – surgeon; thank you, Katrina – assistant; thank you, Mr Kozak – driver; thank you, ladies who had surgery, too – you made me feel welcome and calm.

Love, R.

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