Breast Augmentation - Implants

Breast Enlargement, Lipo and Neck Lift

Hi my name is A., I have come to Prague with my Mum for breast enlargement and lipo on my tummy and hips. My Mum is having a neck lift.

This is a very big thing for me as I am only 18 and although I knew this was the right thing to do as I have been unhappy with my body from a v young age I was still scared, and so was my Mum, but almost from the moment we arrived my mind was put at rest! We arrived on the Sunday, the apartment (4) was beautiful, had everything we needed, we were surprised at the close proximity of everything which made life so much easier.

On the Monday we were introduced to Marketa who was so helpful, we had all our pre op tests including a consultation with Dr. Cerna who is fantastic and from the moment I met her I knew I could completely trust her. She showed me where she would do the lipo and helped me decide what size implants to have.

On the Tuesday we had our surgery very strange experience. I was in quite a lot of pain and ill from the anaesthetic, but the nurses were amazing! And so caring they took great care of us the whole time. We went back to the apartment the next day.

I am now 9 days post operative and going home tomorrow! Still swollen and bruised on my tummy but feeling very satisfied! Never before have I received such care and professional support, I have no regrets whatsoever about coming to Prague, everything and everyone has been perfect here at Laderma. I will recommend to everyone!

Thank you! A.

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