Breast Augmentation - Implants

Breast Enlargement - Lela

There are not enough words to express my thanks & gratitude to Dr. Cerna, Marketa, Aneta and all my other new found friends as that´s what they have become to me during my stay at Laderma.

The service was so professional, efficient and friendly. I feel they have become my extended family with all the kindness the whole team have shown me. I am now so sad that I have to leave them all behind to go back to the UK. I will definitely be staying in touch with them and if I ever have to remove my implants in the future, Laderma is the first and foremost clinic I would ever consider although I am covered by private health, I would rather travel to Prague to attend Laderma Clinic than to let the doctors at Harley Street operate on me!

THANK YOU Dr. Cerna and Team, I will always cherish your kindness and professionalism and may Laderma grow from strength to strength. Dr. Cerna is the modern day “Florence Nightingale” , I have never come across anyone who shows their patients so much aftercare.

April 2011

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