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Breast Augmentation - M. G.

After months of research I decided on Laderma for my Breast Augmentation and arrived on the 11th May with my partner. At first I was worried about language differences but both Marketa and Dr Cerna spoke perfect English and were always available when needed.

After the necessary tests on Monday we spend the rest of the day sightseeing and came across a lovely tex mex eatery called Buffallo Bill’s (the menu was in English).

Anyway, more to the point. The surgery went well. The clinic was beautiful. Better than any hospital I’ve been in back home, modern and contemporary (and extremely clean!), the only downside was that the nurses didn’t speak much English. I was paired up with a British girl in for the same surgery, which helped.

Woke up feeling quite uncomfortable with chest pains but meds are continuously topped up, which helps.
Overall, the standard of care and professionalism are great. I wouldn’t fault Dr Cerna or her team at all.

Thank you to everybody
M. G., UK

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