Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty - J.A.S.

Dear Dr. Černá,
I do hope you won't be offended by my not having revealed myself as a medical colleague until my surgery (blepharoplasty) was completed.

They say that doctors make the worst patients, so hopefully I avoided that assessment. More importantly, I wanted to observe your facility, its staff, your clinical workup, advice, and surgical skills without any bias.

I was reassured by a warm welcome at the clinic by your clinic manager. The waiting area was comfortable and bright; it was not one of the lavish, opulently decorated waiting areas that are anything but comforting, but are in fact, intimidating and disquieting.

I came to the clinic for upper and lower eyelid surgery. Rather than being offered or advised to have additional procedures, I was counselled to avoid surgery on my lower eyelids, and that any sort of face lift should wait years.

A patient may ask and hope for many things, but two are essential; to be looked after by caring, competent medical staff, and to be cared for in a clean, functional, modern facility. The Laderma staff and clinic definitely satisfy these criteria.
The operation was stress free, and the arrangements for my aftercare made the convalescence trouble-free.

It was so helpful to be picked up at the airport, and I was very pleased with the Laderma accommodations. What a truly magnificent and fascinating city in which to convalesce!
If it would direct other people to receive your excellent care, please use this letter and my name as may be helpful to you.
As my age and vanity increase, so will my return visits to your wonderful clinic.

Thank you.

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