Dr. Cerna has carried out for me а plastic surgery

SMAS facelift, liposuction of the chin and upper and lower eyelids blepharoplasty. I must say that I am very pleased and glad that I have chosen Laderma clinic...

The decision that I want to make a SMAS facelift came to me 2 years ago and I started to look for a clinic. At first I chose the country - the Czech Republic, because there is well-developed plastic surgery, high demands for plastic surgeons, as well as reasonable prices. Then I began to browse the websites and forums reviews about the plastic surgery clinics in Prague.

Laderma clinic had only good reviews

In October 2015 I was in Prague and signed up for the primary consultation to Dr.Cerna. The doctor examined me and told me in detail about SMAS lifting and blepharoplasty. I was also offered to talk to the patient who had been operated a few days ago. I spoke with a patient from England, she underwent a breast reduction and she was very happy. The visit left a very good impression and I have made a decision in favor of Laderma clinic.

In February 5, 2017 I flew to Prague for the surgery. At the airport I was met by the driver of the clinic, he drove me to a suite, located in the clinic. The next day in the morning the blood test and ECG was done, then I met with Dr. Cerna and discussed the upcoming surgery. February 7 was assigned to my surgery. This day Dr. Cerna operated 5 people, I was the first in the queue.

I am absolutely satisfied with everything

The surgery itself, the doctor and the rest of the staff concern. The anesthesia was of a high quality – I fell asleep in one second and when I woke up I felt just a little weakness, no unpleasant feelings. There was no pain at all, neither on the day of surgery or the following days. I took painkillers, but not for long.

Dr. Cerna and the staff of the Laderma clinic are just fantastic – very attentive and highly professional. I always felt the attention of Dr. Cerna and the staff of the clinic. They constantly monitor the condition of their patients and have thought about all the details in advance. The Suite in the clinic has everything you need. On the eve of the surgery I was given a cosmetic bag with the necessary little things - wet and dry napkins, toothpaste and toothbrush, mini shower gel, chapstick, earplugs, tic tac)), etc. After surgery for a few days I was brought a hot meal from a nearby vegan restaurant. I was provided with all necessary medicines, antiseptics and dressings.

Now it's only been 3 weeks since the surgery, the bruises completely disappeared, the swelling on the eyes and cheeks have become smaller, but still remain. I put make-up and went to work on 28.02.17. The final result can be evaluated in a couple of months when the swelling is completely gone.

The clinic has my email if you have any questions write me – I will be happy to answer ;-)

Sincerely, Rena S.


* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.