FACELIFT + BLEPHAROPLASTY (Face and Neck Lift with SMASS with upper and lower eyelids and chin liposuction)

I was unhappy with how I looked. I wanted to make myself feel better and to look more youthful so decided I would have a facelift and my upper eyelids done. I was fed up with friends telling me everyday how tired I looked.

So it was time to do something about it...

In Uk it is very expensive for cosmetic surgery and I could not justify spending thousands of pounds in double figures to make myself feel and look better so I decided to look abroad.

Now that the decision was made next came the hard part ... finding a clinic with an excellent reputation where I would feel safe and secure in the knowledge that I was doing the right thing.

I researched on the internet and as I am sure you can guess there were lots of returns for cosmetic surgery in various countries.

I decided that Prague would be the place for me so I continued the search for cosmetic surgeons in that area.

I found numerous clinics in Prague and read very carefully about everyone of these clinics as it is a very daunting prospect going alone to a foreign country and having surgery.

After days of research the one clinic that stood out for me was Laderma.

This clinic stood out for me for several reasons... so let me tell you why Laderma was my choice!

I looked at all the pictures on the web site and read all the testimonials that had been written by former patients.

The facilities were first class a modern clean bright operating theatre and up-to date techniques and equipment.

A female surgeon and all female staff.

All English speaking staff.

Accommodation within the clinic with nurses and doctors on hand.

So in myself I felt happy that I would be looked after properly and I contacted the clinic by email to ask questions about the surgery my well being and of course how much the procedures would cost.

I had a prompt reply with all the information that I needed and answers to my many questions.

This reassured me that this was the way to go and I booked my surgery for 27/06/2017.

I arrived the Sunday before my surgery and was picked up at the airport and taken to my accommodation.

On the morning after arrival I was greeted by the clinic staff and was talked through what would take place and when.

That same afternoon I met the surgeon Dr Zuzana who asked me what bothered me most about my face and we discussed at length what would be best for me and what exactly was needed to give me the results that I wanted from this.

We decided that I needed a facelift with upper lower eyelids and liposuction for my neck.

I also met in the clinic a lady who had the procedure done a week before me and I was able to ask her lots of questions and see her results after a week.

This made me feel more confident and lessen the fear which was comforting.

The day of my surgery dawned and yes I was anxious.

Waking up after surgery I was looked after in the clinic by the nurses and Dr Zuzana visited me and reassured me everything went well.

I had no pain and was looked after to the highest standard

The day after surgery I went back to the accommodation to rest and recuperate.

Daily visits from the staff and Dr Zuzana continued during my stay.

When my bandages came off even though I was swollen I could see that already I was looking better like time had turned back and I had a more youthful look.

Dr Zuzana is a lovely lady and her skills as a surgeon are first class. She really cares about her patients and really does know what is best for you so you feel and look exactly how you wanted too.

The nurses and clinic staff are very caring and will do whatever is needed to look after you to their best ability

So if you are reading this and thinking about any kind of surgery take my word for it ... this is the best clinic you will find in all of Europe and I am so glad I chose Laderma.

You will have the best most highly skilled person in Dr Zuzana to perform your surgery and the best nurses and staff for their after care is second to none I highly recommend them to you.

Kind regards 

L.H. from UK

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.