Reduction Mammaplasty? I´m SO glad that I did it

For ten years I went back and forth between deciding to have a breast reduction or not. week later, I am SO glad that I did it.

I already know that this operation will be life changing for me. But what about the operation itself? Beforehand I was nervous, scared of the pain, and unsure of where to get it done. But I am so glad that I found the Laderma clinic and Dr. Zuzana Cerna. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. They turned what could have been a really daunting experience, into a safe, kind and warm week away from home. I felt that the women all held my hand through the whole process, ensuring I felt comfortable and understood. They answered all my questions and showed me so much care and consideration. My breasts look amazing and I can't believe this is my body.

If you are considering breast surgery, do it here! You will not regret it.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.