Preventing Complications in Cosmetic Procedures

Preventing complications is possible – we do it

Good looks and success go hand in hand these days, so most of us are eager to look our best. 

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, though, many people hold concerns about possible complications – concerns that are often completely unfounded.

Are you thinking about having a cosmetic procedure, but you’re worried about complications? Keep reading to find out how we minimize the risk of complications at the Laderma Clinic.


First contact with the Laderma Clinic team

The first contact takes place by telephone, email or the online form available on our website. From the very start we will do our best to give you as much information and find out as much about you as possible. This will make it easier for you and us both when we are deciding whether we can meet your expectations and give you what you’re looking for. If you decide after the preliminary consultation to meet with us in person at the Laderma Clinic, we will give you an appointment for a personal consultation. If you are coming here from another country, we will explain what the pre-operative assessment involves and what confirmations we will need from you.


In-person consultation with the doctor

The first step in minimizing cosmetic procedure risks is conducting a thorough consultation. It is important for us that the patient-doctor relationship established during this consultation is one of absolute trust. During the consultation, we do our best to fully understand your wishes and desires for the results of the procedure. We also need to make sure your expectations are realistic. We always try to respect our patients’ wishes, but unrealistic or unnatural expectations for the results of a cosmetic procedure are, of course, impossible to fulfill. 

If you do not feel complete trust and a rapport with the doctor, go ahead and meet with another doctor at another clinic to discuss the procedure. After all, it never hurts to get a second opinion! The in-person consultation is not binding for either party – for you or for us. That’s why we offer it here at the Laderma Clinic for free.


Your health

In order to keep the risk of post-operative complications to a minimum, it is important that you be in good health. Ideally you should be completely healthy, but we can also perform procedures on patients with certain kinds of chronic illnesses. In such a case the illness should be well under control and we should be informed of its existence. A thorough pre-operative assessment takes care of this. We always recommend that the pre-operative assessment be carried out by your regular attending physician or by a specialist you see regularly, because they know you and your medical history best. They are familiar with all the details and can give a more comprehensive picture than a doctor you see only once and for a limited time. Taking a thorough assessment of your state of health helps us avoid situations where we would have to call off a cosmetic procedure at the last minute.

Occasionally we encounter unpleasant situations where patients withhold some of their medical issues from our doctor because they don’t want to be rejected for a procedure. We must strongly discourage you from considering something like this. You can end up with a botched operation, but more importantly, it can have a negative impact on your health and, in serious cases, even your life.


Rules for post-op care

A key aspect of all surgical procedures is a good rapport between patient and doctor. Patients each stay at our clinic for a different amount of time, depending on the type of operation and medical status. We will let you know in advance, of course, how many days you should ideally spend at the clinic, but this information is more for orientation purposes – we agree with every patient based on that patient’s individual needs, medical status and current situation.

You will also need to follow certain rules during your long-term recovery, such as when to return to work or avoiding certain activities and sports. Following the long-term recovery plan is an important factor in whether complications appear after your procedure and also on the procedure’s results over the longer term. Your health and satisfaction with your procedure results are our top priority.


Technical and Medical Equipment

Another major factor in preventing complications is the clinic’s technical equipment, which is why the Laderma Clinic operating rooms hold state-of-the-art equipment that meets world-class standards. During the procedure, this equipment will constantly monitor your vital functions as well as a number of other parameters, such as tissue oxygenation or the composition of exhaled gases. The medications we use at the Laderma Clinic are extremely safe and gentle. This helps minimize the risk of side effects or adverse reactions to medications. We will also monitor your health after the procedure using the most up-to-date technology operated by highly trained medical staff.


Services that contribute to a smooth, successful operation

All surgical procedures – not just cosmetic procedures – are associated with stress and concerns. At the Laderma Clinic we try to keep these natural feelings to a minimum, because we know that peace of mind can have a major impact on the procedure itself as well as post-op healing. We provide our clients with comprehensive services from start to finish: from the moment you arrive at the airport or train station to be picked up by our clinic driver until the moment you leave the clinic after the procedure. We offer accommodations in comfortably furnished suites with satellite television and all patients have the opportunity to consult with medical staff on their medical status after the procedure at any time, even by telephone. Patients can come to us with any problem or concern and will always receive friendly help and support.


Not all cosmetic procedure complications can be prevented. Sometimes a problem may occur despite the best efforts of the operating surgeon, medical staff and patients themselves. In that case, we will be ready to help you resolve the problem quickly and effectively. We can assure you, however, that if you follow our advice and recommendations, the risks will be minimal. 




* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.