B-Lite breast implants are the world’s first and the only LIGHTWEIGHT option for Augmentation or combined surgery with breast modelling (Mammaplasty). Their weight is up to 30% lower than other standard silicone-filled implants.

Thus, gravitational forces, pulling the breast are directly proportional to tissue and implant weight.

b-lite 1 

B-Lite implants are available in round or anatomical (drop) shape and combine well known, clinically proven German made materials in an innovative way to provide natural fullness, feel and strength with minimal possible weight avoiding sagging of the breast due to heavy weight.

The physical properties of the B-Lite have been optimised to closely resemble body tissue, thus providing the breast with a natural look and feel whilst reducing the burden and effects of gravity.

The implants are made of soft silicone elastomer shell, a composite of low molecular weight medical silicone gel and a hollow borosilicate microspheres. This allows considerable reduction of B-Lite's weight, when compared with traditional implants of similar volume. 

B-Lite Implants are CE-Certified and comply with all medical quality standards.

b-lite 2 

When to decide for B-Lite 

The lighter way B-Lite implants may be a suitable alternative to standard silicone implants, especially in certain cases:

  • Augmentation with larger size implants (over 300ml volume)
  • In case of combined surgery with Augmentation and Mammaplasty (breast modelling) 
  • Women who are very active/participate in sports (advantage of lighter implants) 
  • Women who have thicker skin or a tendency to develop stretchmarks.


b-lite 3


Several examples comparing B-Lite with other standard silicone gel-filled implants

 Implant Volume (cc)   Traditional Silicon Implants (g)      B-lite - light weight (g)           
 260  260      195             
 395  395
 650  650



* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.