What to Do about Protruding Ears?

Magazin Prekvapeni, November 14, 2002

My son is in seventh grade and he’s got a cosmetic problem – his ears are sticking out. His classmates laugh at him which makes him very uneasy. I would like to help him. Maybe he can undergo surgery? 

Jiřina P, Týn nad Vltavou

The angle between the external ear and the head is usually 20-30 degrees. Protruding external ears can change the expression of the face quite a lot. An invidivual with this condition is often mocked by people around him/her, which is especially dangerous with children who can suffer a mental disorder as a result of such reactions. In many cases, these are very hard to deal with. The older a child gets, the more aware they are of their looks, and consequently their ‚imperfections‘. As a result, clients approaching plastic surgeons with this problem are mostly teenagers.

This surgery is usually performed under local aenesthesia, the operation itself takes about an hour. The operation cut, and subsequently the scar, is on the back side of the external ear. If local aenesthesia is used and if there are no complications, the client goes home the same day. On the day after the operation, the client comes for a check-up and redressement. The first days after the surgery, the patient is recommended to sleep on his/her back and to avoid any physical strain. Another redressment is done usually on the fifth to seventh day after the operation. The bandage is removed from the head on the tenth to fourteenth day after the operation. At the same time, the suture behind the external ear is removed, in cases when an inabsorbable suture has been used. For another two weeks, it is neccessary to protect the external ear by wearing a scarf or a head band. After the bandage is removed, the patient can return to his/her usual routine. Nevertheless, physical strain should not be made for a month following the operation. The protruding external ear operation is performed by most plastic surgeons.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.