Troubled by Pain in My Breasts

I am 31. After my son was born (today he’s 9), I wore a size C bra. Now it’s size E. Before I got pregnant, my breasts only ached a week or so before getting my period. Now they ache all the time. I don’t take any contraceptive pills. Would an operation help? I‘m a single mother, therefore I’m not sure I can afford it. 

Kristýna K, Česká Lípa

Firstly, soreness in the breasts requires a thorough examination and a good diagnosis. Start with your gynecologist who shall send you to the relevant examinations (mammograph, sonograph etc.). One of the serious, aquired defects of breasts is so called hypertrophy of the mammary gland, a significant enlargement of breasts in the course of their development, their size getting unnatural and unbearable, entirely mismatching the rest of the body‘s proportions. Most often, it begins in puberty but it can also develop when breastfeeding, significantly gaining weight or in the case of certain hormonal disorders. Sometimes it is possible to trace it to a genetic disposition. In these cases, the breasts of the patient do not comply with the patient’s height and weight. They get loose and fall down under their own weight. Excessive size of the breasts is not only a cosmetic imperfection, it is also a secondary cause of other problems, e.g. spine and body posture, with long-term consequences for the patient.

This can also bring along repeated infections or eczemas on the skin under the breasts and on their lower side, as this area often gets damp. Another effect may be problems with breathing. Last but not least is the mental effect, related to a worse social position and problems in intimate relationships. Therefore, it is very important to seek a surgical solution before these secondary problems start to develop. The principle of the operation is to reduce the gland and model it into the desired shape by moving the nipple and removing the excessive skin. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that a large volume of excessive gland and skin is removed. The scars are always anchor-shaped. After the operation, the patient is hospitalized at the clinic for at least 1-2 days. After consultation and approval of a revisory doctor, this operation, performed at a plastic surgery clinic in Prague, Brno or Plzeň, can be covered by the authorized insurance company. However, it is neccessary to submit the required recommendations issued by individual specialists (orthopedist, neurologist, gynecologist etc.).

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.