Plastic Surgery – Yes or No?

Doctor and psychologist Zuzana Černá gained experience at two prominent universities in Canada and worked at several clinics of plastic and aesthetic surgery in Canada and the USA.

Magazin Instinkt, October 31, 2002


What is the difference beween plastic surgery in the Czech Republic and in America?

The quality of both is comparable, it is very good. There are many excellent plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic. Among other reasons it is because more and more doctors get professional fellowships abroad, returning with valuable information and experience. The same can be said about the standard of technical facilities at clinics of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

And comparing the prices?

The number of patients from Western Europe and America increases every year. The prices are surely a big reason for them to come have the surgery done over here. It is well known that the salaries of doctors and nurses are much higher in the West, which is one of the reasons why their prices of plastic and aesthetic surgery are so high.

Very often, patients have high expectations. Can plastic surgeons help them?

I am of the opinion that it depends on the attitude of doctors and the medical staff. The kind and understanding attitude of a doctor can relieve patients of their stress and fear, thus creating nice atmosphere where patients are able to explain what they actually expect from plastic and aesthetic surgery. And it makes it easier for the doctor to explain to the patients what can be done for them. In such an environment, it is much easier to solve any possible problems. The patients in America and Canada are more demanding. They have a very clear idea what they expect from plastic and aesthetic surgery, and they demand to get complete information about the process, a detailed list of potential risks, and they also request more pre-operation consultations. Very often they go to a few doctors before choosing the one to perform their operation. Simply, people in America feel a bigger responsibility for their health, therefore plan much more. Many people prefer operations on „long weekends“, which means they take one or two days off and combine them with a public holiday, to miss as little work as possible.

One last question: Yes or No to plastic surgery?

If you have a problem and you believe that plastic and aesthetic surgery might help you, don’t be shy to consult a plastic surgeon. A consultation is nothing binding and the final decision is entirely up to you. An experienced plastic surgeon explains what would be good for you, what can be possibly done to improve your image. You will never be forced to undergo an operation. An appointment at a plastic surgeon’s is approximately 300-500 Czech Crowns, and consulting two doctors is not at all a waste of money. You can compare and choose the doctor you trust. It is worth it to try things that might improve your feeling about yourself, thus the quality of your life.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.