Frequently Asked Questions

Who will perform my operation?

A: The operation shall be performed by the senior consultant, Dr. Zuzana Cerna, Ph.D. or Dr. Helena Singerova. Both our plastic surgeons are an expert in the field of plastic surgery and have acquired additional education necessary for running a plastic surgery practice (please see #2).

What is my surgeon’s education background?

A: Please see Dr. Zuzana Cerna Curriculum Vitae, Dr. Helena Singerova Curriculum Vitae.

Is the surgeon an expert in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery?

A: In Germany and/or other countries, any doctor can call himself/herself a plastic surgeon. In Czech Republic, the use of this title is defined by law. Plastic and aesthetic operations can be performed only by doctors certified in two specializations: surgery and plastic surgery.

Dr. Cerna, the Clinic’s senior surgeon, is certified and registered for a plastic surgeon practice in the Czech Republic as well as Austria and Great Britain.

How many plastic and cosmetic surgery operations have been performed at this clinic in Europe?

A: The number varies, since the demand for individual procedures differs. Thus, the numbers of operations performed is 1000-2000 depending on the kind of the procedure.

For example, in the past five years there have been over a thousand eye-lid surgeries, over 600 facelifts, approximately 1000 breast surgeries etc.

What is the quality guarantee?

A: Quality is guaranteed by our skilled, professional doctors and their long-time experience in the field of plastic surgery.

We have Liability insurance for cases of any possible complications.

In the case of potential corrections, you will naturally receive full care, at the expense of the clinic.

What about the narcosis?

A: According to the type of operation, we use either general or local anesthesia. The general anesthesia is done exclusively by certified anesthesiologists.

What is the most suitable season for the operation?

A: All year long, depending on your physical and mental shape.

How can I prepare myself for the operation?

A: Once the date of your operation is set up, you shall receive exact pre-operative instructions, e.g.:

  • Before getting the narcosis (4 weeks ahead) you must not take any medications containing acetylsalicylate acid, i.e. Aspirin, Aspro etc. These medications decrease the blood sedimentation rate.
  • 24 hours before surgery no alcohol, sleeping pills, pain killers or cigarettes.
  • Eyelid Surgery: Don’t forget to bring dark sunglasses with you.
  • Ear Surgery: Get a wide, soft headband that you can wear over your ears after the operation.

Can I continue taking my usual medication?

A: Prior to the operation, it is not allowed to take medications that contain acetylsalicylate acid and others that thin blood, i.e. Aspirin, Aspro etc.

Can I take contraception?

A: We recommend for you to stop taking contraceptive pills 2 months prior to the operation – due to the risk of thrombosis, especially with women over 30.

What is the maximum amount of fat that can be removed?

A: The maximum amount of fat is 2.5 - 3.0 litres.

What implants are used?

A: We use implants by company Polytech, Germany which meet our high quality standards. You can choose between round and anatomical ones.

The anatomical implants have a shape of a drop. Our clients have been highly content with the brands we use.

There are newly on offer lighter B-lite implants (their usage is suitable only for certain patients).

What is the necessary post-operative care?

A: The scars need to be massaged several times a day (your doctor shall instruct you) or you can also get lymphatic drainages in cosmetic studios. You need to rest and recover! Treat yourself – have a vacation, rest your soul, drink a lot of water. Water leads the poisonous substances away from your body, thus enabling your cells to regenerate. If possible, stay away from alcohol for 3 months following the operation.

When can I go back to work?


  • Liposuction: 1 - 2 weeks after
  • Breast Surgery - Modelling: 10 - 14 days after
  • Breast Surgery - Augmentation: 3 - 4 weeks after (depends on proffession, it is not possible to lift the arms nor anything heavy for 4 weeks)
  • Lifting Surgeries: 1 - 3 weeks after
  • Facial-features Surgeries: 2 - 3 weeks after

When can I shower again?

A: According to the doctor’s instructions, usually starting from 4th day post op.

What shall I bring with me?

A: Only your personal things. We will supply you with elastic wear as well as with medications for the pre-operative phase.

When coming to undergo the eyelid surgery, we recommend to bring dark sunglasses with you.

When coming to undergo the ear surgery, bring a wide, soft headband.

For breast surgeries some comfortable dress with either zips or buttons, comfortable shoes.


Please keep in mind, that peace and calm are the best weapons. Take your time and prepare yourself mentally, too. For if you undertake such an operation in a hurry, being stressed, you slow down the healing process. Your body needs inner peace – your spirit needs to be ready.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.