Breast Lift

Jill – Breast lift and reduction

I found the Laderma Clinic through a search on the internet and was immediately impressed with the testimonials from previous clients.  I had been thinking about having a breast lift and reduction for a while and reading the accounts of others who had the operation at Laderma made me even more convinced to ‘go for it’!

Right from the very first contact with the team at Laderma I felt confident that I had chosen well.  I was a bit nervous about sending photos through for the surgeon to review but I appreciated the necessity and I was so grateful for the support, reassurance and information throughout this process.  I was not in the habit of showing my breasts to strangers, especially over the email!

I have no hesitation in recommending Laderma as the best place to go!  The pre-op checks are thorough and professional, the surgeon (I had Zuzanna Cerna MD) is an incredibly competent and talented surgeon – and a wonderful, warm and caring lady too.  The post-operative care was fantastic with the team taking such wonderful care of my every need.  In the UK you would never receive the care that I received.  My daughter had a similar operation with the Hospital Group a few years ago and the care she received was not a patch on what the Laderma team do!  All of the team are exceptional both as people and as professionals! 

We stayed in one of the apartments in the same building as the clinic.  It was superb!  Really well equipped right down to face flannels and coffee and it was so easy to have the dressings changed as the clinic was literally a metre from the front door of the apartment we were staying in!  This is a comfort in the early days post operatively of course.  I can also report that I had virtually no pain at all.  After the operation the great location meant it was easy to walk and take the tram into Prague to enjoy this beautiful city.  There are also lots of shops and restaurants literally right outside the building we were staying in.

I would be happy to speak to anyone who may like further information about my experience.  If you would like this then please ask the clinic to put you in touch with me direct.

Am I going back?  You bet!  I have already booked in for a thigh lift in a few months’ time.  I would never go anywhere else and having shown my new breasts to my friends (I have become quite an exhibitionist lately I love them so much!) I can tell you that my friends who are nurses say the outcome of the operation is fantastic.  They plan to visit Laderma too!

J.B. from UK

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.