Face Lift (SMAS), Neck Lift

Facelift with SMAS - C.

I have just returned from a 10 day trip to Prague for a facelift. I previously had liposuction performed at Laderma around 5 years ago and I personally know at least 6 friends and family who have had various surgeries at Laderma, plus friends of friends, including breast aug, tummy tuck, breast uplift, blephs, lipo and facelift, so I felt it was about time I shared my experience.

I won't take you through my own procedure as everyone's different but will give a few tips, should you choose to read them.

As a few years have passed since my last visit to Laderma I did some research in case the situation had changed at all. It hasn't sufficiently for me to consider another surgeon, plus my partner, who is a surgeon here in the UK was keen for me to go back to someone I knew thought would prefer it if I didn’t do these things in the first place. I am aware of some agency-type set ups around who put a package together for you and I am sure they do a great job but I don’t like to pay for what I consider to be "money for old rope", therefore Laderma suits me.

I made a bank transfer before I left the UK on this occasion for the surgery plus accommodation. You won't be asked to do that but for me it was easier than messing around when I got there and I trusted that if the operation did not go ahead, Dr Cerna would return my money less the deposit.

Dr Cerna now has her office in the same building as the apartments, which is very convenient for both parties and the operating theatre is in a clinic just 40 seconds around the corner. You will be fine to walk accompanied back to the apartments the day after your surgery.

Take a variety of scarves and hats to experiment with. I found a long scarf made of thin material was best to drape around my head. After the bandages are off your hair will blow in the wind and expose your scars so I suggest continuing to use the scarf and if it’s very hot or very cold use hats.

You'll be given augmentin during the op (which is approximately 1hr 30 min) - if you think you might suffer from thrush take Canasten Duo because I couldn't get it there although I did not mention this to Dr Cerna, who may have been able to help. Also try eating lots of bio yoghurt beforehand.

You will not be allowed to move your head or speak for 24 hours (even if you jump up out of bed to make a phone call in the hallway - Dr Cerna does not find this amusing and neither do her staff) and you will be told to continue in this fashion when you return to the apartment the following day. I read a lot but often couldn't concentrate on a book. Unless you want to watch the same news items all day do take lots of DVDs. The clinic have quite a few but I'd advise taking some of your own. There is little pain associated with this operation, therefore the temptation is to think you're fine and move your head around. Don't. Just watch DVDs.

You must sleep on your back which is horrible and caused me pain and there will be a lot of swelling and hardness but remember that it all gets a little easier each day. I felt very panicky and claustrophobic since the bandages were wrapped around my neck but you should get used to it.

You will be heavily bandaged for several days and I thought I was so hard done by because I couldn't go out when I felt like it. I am a horrible patient. I had a great time after they were off and I was able to go out without looking ridiculous. We went everywhere and ate (and drank) loads - but do find out what time you're due for check-ups before making plans.

The clinic and apartments are in the residential area of Vinohrady (Prague No. 2). It was perfect for us. Approx 15 min walk away from central Prague and full of lovely bars and restaurants which are full of Czechs and not tourists. Try Wenceslas Square for stag type bars. Christmas is a lovely time to be in the Czech Republic and of course Havel had just died so Wenceslas Square became a huge shrine.

Dr Cerna is a very warm person who takes great pride in her work. I am very happy with my facelift – granted only 10 days after the operation but it all looks very good and I am able to go out without anyone noticing. Only my partner and hairdresser know about my surgery and unless anyone sees my stitches (which are hidden by my hair) I am quite sure everyone will just think I’m “looking well”, which is exactly what I think most people want out of this procedure.

This was my 4th time in Prague and my 3rd for surgery. I am able to compare this with UK clinics to some degree as I had a breast augmentation here over 10 years ago. It’s still in great shape but after parting with £4k for a procedure, you don’t expect to be told the following morning when you’re still vomiting that, “the taxi driver will stop if you need to be sick” because the next patients are arriving. I’m sure things have changed but that would never happen at Laderma.

I hope this information helps some people a little bit.


* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.