Face Lift (SMAS), Neck Lift

Facelift - Paulina

Oh my god what an experience this has been!

Arrived a week ago on22nd July full of hopes, fears, excitement and anxiety all thrown into form of so many strange emotions. Never experienced anything quite like it. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder what the hell you are doing here and all this is really happening. And before you knew you will be in and recovering in the hands of the best care imaginable. NO doubt you will have done your research about Laderma and I can confirm you will be very pleasantly surprised at how accurately the various testimonials have been.

It is all true .. Dr. Zuzana and her team are angles, we were made to feel so welcome by Marketa, Aneta , Radka and wonderful nurses in the hospital – the level of care is quite exceptional!!!!

Dr. Zuzana Cerna is an amazing woman who performed our surgery (Facelift) alongside her colleague Dr. Helena Singerova who we understand specializes in Facelift surgery and we feel honored we have had both surgeons present. Maybe that´ why the results have been so incredible!

There was no pain whatsoever, the stitches are incredibly neat and meticularly done. After 5 days we have very little swelling and only small bruises are present. The aftercare and advice is so valuable and I cannot imagine to receive anything on the scale in the UK. I´ve researched it and believe me it´s not available.

A few recommendations:

  • the night before surgery have a really decent high protein meal, steaks at Matyldas are wonderful.
  • drink plenty of fluid as you´ll dehydrate during and after surgery
  • if you are struggling to drink after the surgery ask the nurse for a drink (you may need to do a bit of charades to be understood but at least you want be thirsty)
  • stock up on loads probiotics (soft fruit, bananas, yogurt, yogurt drinks (make smoothies), eggs, water, drinks. Piskoty (like Fareys rusk)
  • Have your “nest” ready to fall into when you return back to the apartment after surgery. Pillows plumped and positioned and everything you need surrounding you around the bed.
  • TOP TIP – as you will need to remain still on aid of the swelling, I used my mobile phone video to find the things I could not lay my hands on (as you cannot turn your head), video playback will show you where everything is” ingenious eye”.
  • If you need help for extra supplies after surgery do not go too far you will be surprised how exhausted you get just walking to the local shop. Keep it really short for just few days, do not forget you are still recovering – I really passed out at the stairs (just comes over you very suddenly).
  • And a final note .. stay calm (it is not easy the first few days), just sleep and rest as much as you can. You won´t have any pain, the most difficult part is remaining still.

I wish you all the very best and hope you have a wonderful result.

Good luck and God bless

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.