Face Lift (SMAS), Neck Lift

Facelift - Eileen

Monday 30th of July 2012

My sister and I arrived one week ago at Laderma. We did not know what to expect, we could only hope that all we had read on-line about Laderma was true - WOW! What a wonderful experience ! What a wonderful care from excellent staff.

Dr.Zuzana Cerna and Dr. Helena Singerova are miracle workers. Their dedication to their profession is outstanding. So, you can believe what you read. Laderma is the very very best. You cannot find any better. Do not be afraid just put your faith in the doctors nurses and staff, Aneta and Radka will help you all the way- and always with beautiful reassuring smiles.
I am leaving here tomorrow with a renewed positivity which will, I know, carry me through many more years. So thank you to all the beautiful ladies we will pass on the good experience to anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Lots of love Eileen

TIP: Don’t be unrealistic about your expectations just take a photo before your surgery and compare what you get, it is a fresher, more youthful renewed you. I look so much more like the old me (younger), so does my sister.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.