Face Lift (SMAS), Neck Lift

Facelift - Ch.

Everything is looking great. A little bruising on my right jaw line (too much talking) but I am sure this will fade over the next few weeks together with the swelling. Still no pain, wounds are healing very well. I also had the two lines between my eyes filled last night so that’s everything complete now. Looking forward to going home tonight but I am indebted to Zuzana and her team for their hard work and constant attention.

I have just had my last consultation. Dr. Cerna removed some stitches + said everything was wonderful (I agree!!). To anybody reading my story, please have no fear or anxiety, there are so many wonderful people here.

Thankyou to Zuzana, Marketa, Katerina, al the nurses at the clinic + Mr. Kozak

Love to you always xxx Ch. xxx

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