Breast Lift

Breast Uplifting 2009

After having a baby I lost weight and my breast started to have un unpleasent shape. It starting to be flaccid. I was really depressed. At a certain moment I decided for a breast reduction operation and I wanted to trust the Laderma clinic and dr. Cerna.

I visited the clinic in May 2009 and I was soon impressed so that I decided for the operation. I had the operation on June, 30th, 2009.

Not only was I satisfied for the operation and how they treated me but also for all the services that they offered to me.

Today I have to say I am very satisfied and my breast is now what I was always dreaming to have.

Thank You dr. Cerna and all the Laderma clinic team!

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.