Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction - R.M.

Hi I am a 31 year old woman and had struggled with my breast size since as long as I can remeber, my breasts had been two different sizes the left one being nearly a cup and a half bigger then the right one which made me a 38F.

This I struggled with getting clothes too fit or bras and also the emotional distress it caused I could not explain I was extremely unhappy with myself and found it difficult too get into relationships due to me been so unhappy. THIS ALL CHANGED when my parents and I discussed going abroad for the reduction as it was extremely expensive at home. I found the Laderma Clinic with the help from a Czech friend and I never looked back. Dr. Cerna and her team put me at ease immediately from the moment myself and my parents arrived yes I had both my parents with me for the support. Mr. Kozak picked us up from the airport a very kind gentelman and dropped us too the apartment in which we would be staying and all the meetings and check ups where also held here. It was spotless and very much a home away from home and this made the decision so much easier. Dr. Cerna came to visit and explained to myself and my parents what would happen during the operation and how she would fixed the breasts any questions we had were answered professionally. My operation was on a Tuesday and I arrived at the Clinic at 9am at around 1.15 they came too take me to theatre and 2 hrs and 18 mins later I was a new woman. I was kept in the clinic over night and the only way to describe my night nurse was she was sent from the angels I often think of her now and how much she helped me that first night. I stayed for a week under the care of Dr, Cerna and her team and Marketa who is the clinic manager such a lovely women. Today I am home 8 weeks and still wear the bra that is recommended by the clinic but I did go in and get fitted for a bra and I am now a 34DD and my breasts are the same size I cant put into words what this has done for me the only thing I will say is that the Dr. Cerna and her team changed my life so much for the better and if your thinking about having a breast reduction I hope what I have written makes that decision a little bit easier.


(An extremely happy Patient)

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