Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction - E.L.

Breast Reduction / Breast Modelling
I was lucky enough to find Dr. Zuzana Cerna / Laderma clinic four years ago when I was looking to get the "jowls" I had developed taken care of. I say lucky because it was pretty much a leap of faith based on internet research and online testimonials.

I was nervous when I got on the plane but was reassured when Mr. Kozak was at the airport to pick me up. When I saw the apartments, they were more than I expected. The next day I met the staff; they communicated well with me and made me feel at ease. When I met Dr. Cerna, I was impressed by her professionalism. She was very thoughtful of my concerns and although I didn't know it at the time, she turned out to be an artist of a surgeon, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The next day when I went to the clinic, for the actual surgery I was REALLY impressed with the cleanliness. I don't know what I expected, but let's just say that I've been less than impressed in hospitals in the USA.

The aftercare was superb. The personal attention I received from the nurses and the staff was of the caliber that you would only get at the finest clinics in say Beverly Hills.

People complement me almost daily on how I don't look my age, and this brings me back to Dr. Cerna being an artist.
I don't think anybody wants to look like she had plastic surgery. I feel like we never grow older than 17 in our hearts, and although Dr. Cerna is no magician, she made my reflection in the mirror match more closely with my mental image of myself, but I don't look "done". People are always surprised when I tell them I've had a facelift and remark on how skilled my surgeon must have been.

So it was a no brainier to come back here 4 years later for my breast reduction. I had seen the work of many doctors in the USA and again, was under impressed. Dr. Cerna's reductions looked "natural", and for me, this was super important.

Again, the experience here rivals that in places where you'd have to be rich and/or famous to afford it, so once again I was not disappointed.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Cerna and Laderma to anyone looking for surgical excellence at an affordable price.


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