Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction - E.G. (from Germany)

It is now (June 2006) two months since I had my surgery at Laderma Clinic in Prague, and I would like to share my experience with other potential patients.

My condition before the surgery was that my breasts were much too large. Not only did they not match the rest of my body but they caused severe neck and back problems for me. Moreover, it was very hard to find suitable clothes, as I needed different sizes for the “top” and “bottom” parts. My (German) health insurance did not cover the surgery that was – in my opinion and in the opinion of doctors that I consulted – necessary for both my physical and psychological well-being and comfort. In view of the high cost of surgery in Western European countries, I turned to a more affordable option.

My initial uneasiness about potential problems with performing surgery in another country quickly disappeared when I found the Laderma Website and made my initial contact with Dr. Černá by eMail. From the beginning, I had the “gut feeling” that I would be in good hands, and my entire experience in Prague later confirmed this early impression I had.

I also liked the accommodation arrangement with the Clinic, as it instantly gave me a feeling of having a temporary “home” in Prague rather than just a hotel room. I decided to bring my husband and my eight-year-old daughter along and to stay for ten days. This would ensure that I was under medical supervision until the bandages were removed without being separated from my family for too long. In addition, they would be with me to provide emotional support. I can only recommend this arrangement – it turned the stay almost into a sort of family vacation. We also enjoyed the way in which Dr. Černá involved the family in the post-surgery care and instructed them in how to take care of me. This was very helpful.

The surgery itself was a major procedure: approximately 900 grams had to be removed from either side, and the nipples had to be reduced and relocated. I went from a E cup size to a C. Amazingly, the pain subsided very quickly after the operation. I was able to walk in the city and even go sightseeing for a whole day only one week after surgery. The healing proceeded very quickly, and the sutures are nearly invisible now. I am extremely pleased with the result of the operation, and I am very happy I took this step. My own physician here was also impressed by the excellent work.

The experience was a very positive one, not only in terms of the medical outcome, but also as a thoroughly pleasant human experience. Dr. Černá and her staff are not only very professional but also very kind and empathetic. They were literally available day and night throughout my stay (although, fortunately, there was no need for me to call them at night). Also, there was never a language problem. The surroundings – the city, the clinic, the apartment – were also conducive to a quick recovery. Every detail of the stay was well prepared, both at the clinic and at the apartment. The apartment is nicely furnished and quiet, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants around. Although there is public transportation, Prague’s attractive downtown area is within walking distance. (We traveled by car to Prague. We were able to park the car in a hotel garage next to the apartment under video surveillance. This was also arranged by Laderma, and the hotel staff was also very kind.)

In summary, I have nothing but praise for Dr. Černá and her staff, and I can certainly recommend Laderma Clinic to anybody who is in the same situation that I was in. In retrospect, I cannot imagine having found superior care anywhere else, even if I had paid many times what I paid here. I have authorized Dr. Černá to pass on my contact details (phone number and eMail address) to anybody who is considering breast reduction surgery and would like to talk to me directly about my experience.

I would like Dr. Černá and the entire staff at Laderma for their excellent work and wish them all the best.

Yours truly,

E.G. (from Germany), June 2006

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.