Breast Reduction - E.

Breast Reduction - E.

I came all away from Greece, an island called Crete. I am 47, had many years ago breast reduction but weren’t really happy about. So I try again. It was the best choice to come to Dr. Cerna and her team. So don’t worry you’re in very good hands. She and her staff will take care in a professional but sweet trusting way. Dr. Cerna has magic hands and a gift to understand what we and how we want it. A great doctor and a kind person!

Katerina and Marketa are little angels getting around and helping out in whatever way possible. Thank you so much! Poor Mr. Kozak had to pick me 6:00 in the morning but he was waiting for me. Thank you too. The clinic is well organized and doctors and nurses very friendly. Sorry that I don’t speak enough Czech. I wished I could have seen more of the city. Maybe next time. But definitely I would come to see Dr. Cerna ‘cause I know I would be in safe hands. She’s not just a high qualified doctor but also a good natured human being.
Thank you so much all of you.

PS: Maybe one day you might come to Greece on Crete for holidays, you’re welcome and contact me.

Yours E.
Good luck!

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