Breast Augmentation - Implants

Breast Enlargement - Suzi

Dr Helena Singerova as surgeon

just had my breast augementation yesterday! by this doctor,and I'm very pleased with the results already!

I had 230cc's under the muscle.

at the consultation,i must admit i wasn't too sure as she's so quiet and not very forthcoming with information!

however,i now know from experience that she is a very quiet,but extremley confident about the information she gave me,....shes an expert,honestly!!

To say I was nervous yesterday is an understatement! excited to,as i was very flat chested !! i made it quiet clear that i so didn't want two ''saucers'' it was my fear to look like mrs.Beckham!

I can honestly say the result is fantastic,you dont mention where your implants are being placed?? but im only of a small build and have gone from a 32A to a C,i'm 42yrs old so really just wanted what i lost after having my two children....and that i have!! the nurse thought I'd had the teardrop shape,there so natural!

im in hardly any pain either,obviousy there's discomfort,and i've bled a little when the drains came out,but its a small price to pay,just dont over exert yourself like i have today!!
I had my op at Oaklands......the nurses there were lovely too,all very helpful and its a very chilled enviroment.

I do hope this helps,you will be absolutley fine

good luck!
Suzi x

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