Breast Augmentation - Implants

Breast Enlargement - M.

Just had breast augmentation yesterday, all went well but sore first day but ok now.

Staff brilliant in clinic first class. They pander to you everywhere. It’s an eye opener to the way we are treated here won’t get this kind of service back home. Everyone from Dr. Cerna down have treated us excellent. Suite fantastic. Dods to help fill time, now it’s the boring time, waiting.

I saw my breast yesterday when they removed bandages look great, bandages back up till Friday now can’t move arms much but that’s just small inconvenience. Boyfriend had facelift he is doing well and looks great. Met Katerina today lovely, Marketa, Dr. Cerna they all wonderful. Friday already won’t see anyone till Monday. I need them as they will come straightaway bless them.


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