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Breast Enlargement 2011

Hi all,
I've been to Prague twice for different cosmetic procedures. The first was for a breast enlargement in 2006, which I went to Laderma clinic for, and the second procedure was for my ears being pinned back in Nov 2011, where I went to Bodies Beautiful.

Prague is so much cheaper than the UK for cosmetic procedures, hence why I've been there twice.

Laderma clinic was great, and I would recommend them to anyone. When you contact the clinic by phone or email you speak the staff in the clinic, unlike Bodies Beautiful. The care at Laderma was fab, the clinic was spotless and very high tech, the staff where very caring and the surgeon (Dr Cerna) was lovely. They have their own apartments near the clinic for your accommodation, and she even came to me to see me after my surgery rather than me going to her. The apartments are big, with a DVD player and films for you to watch, there was even a big pile of books in the hall for you to choose from.

I came back from having my ears done 3 weeks ago.. I used Bodies Beautiful Direct as Laderma was fully booked and I could only have time off in October from work, hence finding this clinic. The good points are that they are cheap and the communication to sort everything was really good. The company is based in the UK, so they just book you in and that's it pretty much. The bad points are that when you arrive you don't really have much of a connection with anyone if that makes sense. I didn't see anyone from the clinic until I went to the clinic on the Monday, they don't have apartments, so I booked into a hotel. This obviously didn't have DVDs etc, and the Prague TV has no English channels, so bare this in mind for recovery!! I met the surgeon at 9am, and had the surgery an hour later. I then went back to my hotel for the evening and returned the next day to have the dressings changed. The surgeon was nice, but there wasn't as much care as I had from the Laderma clinic, so would definitely go back to Laderma in future. The other bad point about this company is that I have had no contact with them since the surgery. The company emailed me loads before going and I was impressed with the communication, but I didn't receive one after the surely to ask how it went etc. I've also tried to contact them with a query as I was worried about my healing, and I've had no reply.. this has been two emails sent. It kind of feels that they have had my money now and they couldn't care less about me. Nice!

That's my opinion anyway, please feel free to ask any more questions guys.. I know how nerve racking this can all be!!

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