Breast Reduction (Mammaplasty)

Women’s bosom has always been a symbol of beauty and womanliness. The shape, symmetry and size of the breasts naturally affect a woman’s psyche if a deviation occurs in her opinion or in the opinion of others. Most patients choose to undergo breast reduction for the following reasons: heavy &pendulous breasts which give mild discomfort if you have larger than normal breasts and can cause a great deal of distress and discomfort if your breasts are very large; backache from having to support the extra weight; shoulder marks from the pressure of bra straps; difficulty in buying clothes due to disproportion; difficulty in purchasing underwear; inability to wear strappy tops or even the choice to not wear a bra; desire to look better in your clothes/swimwear.

Breast reduction offers solutions to all the above mentioned situations. It brings about very good visual results, however, scars will be present as they are necessary for the reduction of excess skin but they will grow pale and gradually disappear, becoming less conspicuous.

The optimal age limit for breast reduction varies. Generally, it is done after the development of the mammary glands has been completed. Specific to breast reduction, your surgeon may suggest that you stop smoking and stop taking the contraceptive pill. This will reduce the risks involved with having a general anaesthesia and stopping smoking will help with wound healing.

Pre-operative Arrangements

  1. The first step, is to contact our Clinic and we will reply within 24 hours. Then, if possible, it is helpful to send the photos of the body parts in question for the plastic surgeon to evaluate them. We respect every client´s privacy, therefore we ensure that the photos are always delivered straight to the plastic surgeon. Thus, the very first consultation with the plastic surgeon can happen via e-mail.

    The photos can be sent in the following ways:

    a. using our contact form placed on our website
    b. mailing them to the Clinic Rumunska 22, Praha 2, 120 00, CZ
    c. sending an MMS direct to the plastic surgeon’s phone +420 608 703 150.

    After receiving your photos and getting the plastic surgeon’s recommendation, we are able to give you the first available date of the operation or to confirm the date of your preference.
    Every client then receives (via email) detailed instructions and information about the particular plastic surgery operation, needed for planning.
  2. It is recommended to get the pre-operative examination at the client’s local clinic, with the patient’s GP. The Pre-operative Evaluation Form is sent to the client via e-mail. If necessary, the examination can be done at our Clinic here in Prague.
  3. Good planning includes: making allowances for time off work (usually 2-3 weeks depending on the operation and the nature of the client’s job); making arrangements with the client’s family to provide support and help in the recovery period (avoiding physically demanding jobs, important social events etc.); if needed (and possible), arranging for children care.
  4. A deposit of €300 is required one month prior to your scheduled operation date, sent together with the confirmation of your reservation. The account number shall be sent to you via e-mail. In the event of a sudden illness or unavoidable problem, your operation date can be re-booked for a more convenient time.
  5. One month prior the operation, do not use any medications containing acetylsalicyclic acid (such as Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Alnagon, Mironal etc.). It might increase bleeding during and after the plastic surgery.
  6. It is assumed that no acute illnesses have occurred in the period of at least 3 weeks prior to the planned plastic operation (a viral illness, a cold etc.). If so, it is necessary to inform the plastic surgeon.
  7. It is essential to remember to drink enough water (2-3 litres a day for min. three days prior to the operation) and to rest well the night before the operation. Nevertheless, no alcohol may be consumed the night before the operation and for six hours before the operation, do not drink, eat or smoke.
    During the process of the operation, you will receive antibiotics. Therefore we highly recommend that right after the operation, you start consuming certain dairy products (e.g. Actimel yoghurt milk and others containing life yoghurt culture).
  8. Wash your hair the day before the operation and do not put any facial lotion or make-up on the day of the plastic surgery. Any jewelry, including earrings, should not be worn.
  9. The clients staying in the suites arranged for by our Clinic enjoy the benefit of having their plastic surgeon in-house, as the Chief surgeon’s  consultation office is in the same building as the suites, and the Clinic itself is within 50 m distance.

Breast Reduction Operation

Breast reduction involves reducing the amount of breast tissue whilst uplifting the breast tissue at the same time. In order to achieve the desired outcome the surgeon will need to move the nipple upwards. The resulting scars will be permanently visible – in the early months they will be pink but will gradually fade to faint white lines of scar tissue.

Breast reduction is always performed under general anaesthesia and usually takes about 2-3 hours. However, this is dependent on your size.

Breast Reduction Post-Operative Period

After breast reduction operation, patients stay at the clinic overnight and are usually released the next day, provided they feel fit enough. Before the patient leaves, the bandages are changed and the drains are removed. Until your state of health gets stabilized, our medical staff will check on you every day after the operation, in your private accommodation, to ensure your healing is going well.

It is not recommended to wear things that have to be put on over your head, therefore you will be asked to bring a top with buttoning or a zipper with you to the clinic because after any breast surgery, such movement of arms is not suitable. It is recommended to rest well and to sleep only on the back for 6 weeks after the operation, to avoid physical strain, especially lifting the arms up.

According to your surgeon’s instructions, our special bra and belt (provided by our Clinic) is to be worn 24 hours a day for up to 3 months after the operation.

In 3 to 4 weeks, supposed the wound has healed as expected, the patient may begin applying the scar pressure massage as demonstrated by our medical staff.

The breasts are considered to be stable in a couple of months after the surgery.

It is recommended to get a mammary clinic check up in 6 months after this plastic surgery.

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Featured Testimonials

March 2008
Breast Reduction
Just back from Laderma - Breast reduction

Arrived on the Sunday night – they collect you from airport. On Monday had mammogram (Marketa the clinic nurse escorted me there), blood tests, consultation with Dr Cerna and healthy check up with another doctor (all took place in surgery next to apartment). The actual place of surgery is a clinic about a 3 minute walk away where you stay for one night usually. The night nurse there was so nice – nothing was too much trouble (there is a tv/dvd to keep you entertained). You share a room with one other person (I was there with K. who had rhinoplasty).
I am so pleased with the results so far. They will drop a little yet – but I have pert boobies for the first time in my life.
Apartment lovely and clean – everything is provided – there is a Tesco express about a 5 minute walk. In addition to all the items previously advised to take – take a blindfold for sleeping – the windows are velux with pale blinds and you cant get any darkness outside of light hours which kept me awake in the early hours, there are some DVDs – but I would take extras to keep you going – it can get boring there.
You are checked every day by Dr Cerna – she is very kind and caring – I would say listen to her re what size you should be – as she is a good judge of what will look good.
You get good instruction about dressings etc on your return – most people seem to stay about 8/9 days. I was provided with all mediation whilst there – painkillers (although the pain was really not too bad), sleeping tabs if required, antibiotics (I had some CENSORED cysts removed).

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