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Safe Breast Implants

The shape and size of her breasts play an important role in a woman’s life. Once a woman decides to have her breasts enlarged using breast implants, she selects the implants with great care. Besides selecting the right size, it is also important to be sure that the implants are safe.

Some of the most typical aspects of femininity are curves and pretty hair, for instance. Most women take care of their bodies, using different products on their skin and hair to keep them beautiful. Some women have long hair, others sport a shorter style. Everyone’s taste is different – and the same is true for breasts. We take care of our breasts, to keep them beautiful, but we cannot choose their size like we can choose a hairstyle. Or can we? Many women are happy with the size of their breasts, but many others wish theirs were larger, fuller, more feminine. Modern cosmetic medicine means we can change the size and shape of breasts using breast implants. However, concerns may arise about the safety of the materials used in breast augmentation (enlarging breasts using breast implants). It is completely natural for women to want to know what exactly is going to be in their bodies for many years.

High-quality implants stand up to any test

Implants receive thorough testing to ensure they are safe. The basic stress test is the tensile test or elongation test (deformity). This test involves stretching the implant to up to 450% (4.5 times) its original length. In order to pass the test, the implant must remain undamaged. Implants are tested not just by stretching, but also using pressure. In order to be considered safe, an implant must withstand static pressure of 600 kilograms (over 6.5 tons). Another test is the fatigue test, which examines the dynamic forces working on the implant in the body of a woman while running. What does it mean in practical terms that implants can withstand extreme tension and pressure? Imagine a car accident: the chest is subjected to very strong pressure from the seatbelt or airbag. Will the implants give way under these conditions? No! Safe implants are tested for situations just like this, by dropping a weight (4.5 kilograms or 10 pounds) on the implant from a height in the laboratory. The implant must remain completely undamaged – not only unbroken, but also retaining its shape. This means that it goes back to its original shape after mechanical compression.

What is in the implant?

Breast augmentation usually uses implants made from a special medicinal grade silicone, which – unlike industrial grade silicone – is completely safe for the human body. This is a cutting-edge material with a cohesive, gel-like consistency, meaning the filling would not leak if the implant were damaged. The filling will not leak even if you cut the implant open. The material is also so flexible that it can imitate the natural shape of the breast. The implant is soft, but firm. No allergy to this material has yet been documented.

How will my body accept the implant?

One of the most important criteria in developing materials for producing breast implants is biocompatibility, meaning whether or not the body will tolerate the implant or experience some adverse reactions to the material. This also involves tests to ensure that the materials used are not toxic for the body. No unwanted substances can be released from the implant into the body. The material is also evaluated to see if it is carcinogenic. Long-term studies have shown that women with breast implants are not at increased risk of breast cancer or auto-immune diseases as compared to women without implants. These criteria (biocompatibility, toxicity, and carcinogenic risk) mean that an implant that passes the tests is safe for the human body and the risk of adverse reactions is minimal.

Breast augmentation and breastfeeding

There is no need to worry about being able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation, because implants are placed under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. This means that the risk of damaging the mammary gland and losing the ability to breastfeed is minimal. However, do keep in mind that breastfeeding can change the shape of your breasts.

Implants used at our clinic

Our clinic uses Polytech implants with a textured surface, one of the highest-quality types available. Polytech provides a lifetime warranty on implants for damage (rupture or tear) to the surface of the implant. You will receive a warranty sheet (a certificate with individual identification number) and personal registration card for each implant. Production of breast implants is subject to strict international standards and regulations guaranteeing the safety of the product and materials used. Polytech has been operating on the German market for over 25 years, producing implants of various shapes and sizes that can be used for breast augmentation as well as in case of breast loss due to illness. These implants are completely safe.

* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.