Breast Lift

Magazin Prekvapeni, 6. Februar 2003

Troubled by Pain in My Breasts

I am 31. After my son was born (today he’s 9), I wore a size C bra. Now it’s size E. Before I got pregnant, my breasts only ached a week or so before getting my period. Now they ache all the time. I don’t take any contraceptive pills. Would an operation help? I‘m a single mother, therefore I’m not sure I can afford it. 

Kristýna K, Česká Lípa

Can I Get My Bosom Fixed After Children?

Can I Get My Bosom Fixed After Children?

Magazin Prekvapeni, November 18, 2002

I am 32 and after three children, my bosom is sagging. I would like to get an operation but I am afraid of the cancer issue. My grandma had to have her breast removed, due to cancer, so I am worried I might have inherited the disposition. Do I have to worry about problems after the operation?

Naďa J, Praha

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