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What Makes the Laderma Clinic Special

ALL-FEMALE STAFF – Our plastic surgeons are two of the leading Czech female plastic surgeons: Dr. Zuzana Černá, Ph.D. and Dr. Helena Singerová. Both are highly experienced and have the top qualification and specialization for plastic surgeons. They have years of practical experience in the Czech Republic, Canada and Great Britain. All our staff members speak Czech, English and German.

TRADITION – The Laderma Clinic has been serving patients for more than 20 years, with many of the same staff members as when we first started.

WE DELIVER ON OUR PROMISES – We place a high priority on communication, thoroughly discussing what patients want and what we can provide. We only perform a procedure if we are sure we can meet our client’s expectations. When you come for a consultation about breast implants, for instance, you can try them first to see how you will look after the procedure.

SKYPE CONSULTATIONS – Patients unable to come for a consultation in person can book their online consultation with Dr.Zuzana Černá via SKYPE in pre-agreed times.

MODERN FACILITIES – Our private clinic contains operating rooms with the latest equipment designed exclusively for plastic surgery operations. We can guarantee our clients a safe environment and maximum privacy.

LOCATED IN THE PRAGUE CENTER – Our facility is in Vinohrady, just a few minutes from the historical downtown area.

FINAL PRICE GUARANTEE – When we calculate a price for you, that price is final and you will not pay a penny more. Before the planned procedure we will give you a complete price calculation with a clear breakdown. We also accept payment in foreign currencies (EUR, GBP). The price for the procedure includes all your aftercare, medications and medical supplies. The first consultation is free. We continue to monitor our patients even after they leave our clinic, regularly reviewing photographs they send in along with any questions they may have about the healing process. This allows our doctors to follow up with post-op patients for as long as needed. Patients can also contact our 24-hour hotline if they need advice urgently.


  • Our staff is made up entirely of women. Our operating surgeons are two of the leading Czech female doctors specializing in plastic surgery: Dr. Zuzana Černá, Ph.D. and Dr. Helena Singerová. We also have a female anesthesiologist on staff. Our clinic has been in existence for 15 years and has served thousands of clients with successful plastic and cosmetic operations.
  • We offer a wide range of plastic and cosmetic procedures and always inform each client of everything they need to know about the planned procedure while maintaining a personal approach to each client. We do our best to make the period before, during and after the operation as smooth and painless as possible. We remain in contact with clients during their recovery period even after they have left us and returned home. 
  • Staff members speak Czech, English and German and are available to clients for the duration of their stay – on-site during the day by telephone 24 hours a day. One of our doctors lives just three minutes away from the clinic.
  • Our doctors make the decision on whether an operation is indicated based on a consultation with the patient. You can make an appointment for an in-person consultation, but you can also send photographs (from multiple angles – full face, profile – depending on the type of procedure) for us to assess whether an operation would be appropriate. We can then perform a more thorough consultation on the day before the procedure. During the consultation, you will tell us what you would like to achieve from the procedure and we give you detailed information about the procedure and any organizational issues necessary. We also make sure to spend plenty of time answering your questions. You can try different sized breast implants out beforehand, for instance, and choose the right size to achieve the look you want.
  • We devote an entire day (usually Monday) to pre-op examinations and informing patients of what they can expect during and after their operations, which are usually performed on Tuesdays. 



  • We have many years of experience performing plastic and cosmetic procedures with good, effective results. We consider it our professional obligation to help our clients make the right decisions based on what they want and what we can offer. If you have unrealistic expectations or the procedure would not have the results you are looking for, we will honestly inform and will not operate. It is very important to consider whether or not to have the procedure, what the results might be, if this is the right time to have the operation or if it would be more appropriate to defer it for a time or indefinitely, if there is a good reason to do so. We prefer an individualized approach to each client with open, honest communication from both sides. 



  • Our clients are healthy individuals who have decided to undergo a planned plastic or cosmetic procedure. Our clinic does not treat patients with acute conditions or other illnesses, so the environment is completely safe with regard to contagion and infection. We guarantee absolute sterility and safety due to our use of single-use, single-purpose operating tools.
  • We operate in modern, well-equipped operating rooms in our private clinic in the Prague center. Our clinic has the latest technical equipment, including anaesthetic equipment. Our operations meet Canadian standards. 
  • The operating rooms are located in a modern health care facility.
  • We will make your stay with us as comfortable as possible in our post-op rooms, which have one or two adjustable beds, sanitary facilities, and satellite television with Czech, German and English channels. The nurse-to-patient ratio is no more than 1:4. Aftercare takes place in the comfortable, home-like environment.



  • The clinic is located in the very heart of Prague, in the Vinohrady district. You can easily walk to the historic downtown area in just a few minutes, or else you can go one stop on the metro (underground) or four stops on the tram (streetcar). You can find everything you need in the immediate neighborhood of the clinic, however. Within about 100 yards of our front door you can find at least ten restaurants offering a lunch menu priced 10 euro and under – several of them suitable for vegetarians. You can also find nearby shops (groceries, shoes, drugstores), pharmacies, banks, hotels, etc.
  • The city center offers limited parking in the blue zones, but we can arrange parking for you in a guarded parking area at a nearby hotel (20 euro/day) or at a nearby guarded car park (10 euro/day).
  • You can also travel to Prague using one of the many affordable flights from all over Europe or convenient train and bus routes.



  • Some of our patients are not able to come for a consultation in person at our clinic, so we also offer Skype consultations where you can talk with our doctors immediately from the comfort of your own home.


  • Our priority is to perform high-quality work at accessible prices.
  • Your first consultation at our clinic is free and completely non-binding. This gives you the opportunity to meet the doctor who would perform the operation and the clinic staff and decide whether you want to have the operation with us. We understand that this is a complex and serious decision, so we make sure to give you enough time and information during the consultation to become familiar with the issues surrounding the planned procedure.
  • Before the planned procedure we will give you a complete price calculation with a clear breakdown of the individual line items. The price for the procedure includes pre-operation procedures, patient education, the pre-operation consultation, the actual operation, anesthesia (general or local), all your medications and medical supplies, aftercare from our doctors and professional medical staff, post-op check-ups and dressing changes as needed, as well as follow-up education and communication throughout the entire healing process.


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* Treatment results may differ for each patient, we cannot guarantee results exactly as presented here.