Dr. Zuzana Černá

Dr. Zuzana Cerna is the chief surgeon of the Laderma Clinic. Her qualification and experience are of the highest standard. She is registered to the Principal list of the GMC (General Medical Council) of Great Britain. Based on her certification, she is authorized to perform her practice in the Czech Republic and Great Britain.

Why us

  • A complete service package – we are with you from the moment of your arrival till your departure.
  • The team – Our doctors have the highest qualification in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery with years of professional experience in the Czech Republic, Canada and the UK.
  • The Clinic – Tradition since 1995, all procedures are performed in a modern private clinic in the center of Prague.
  • The price – You will be provided a customized, clear and complete price offer (including medication and dressings).


Bianca (Austria) - Breast uplifting & reduction

I read about Dr. Cerna by chance and I was drawn in right away. I wanted a personal discussion with her to see if the chemistry was actually there. I made an appointment by phone right away for an initial discussion. I brought a friend with me and drove 500 km from Salzburg to Prague. We arrived, had an appointment, didn’t even have to wait 5 minutes. The welcome was just as warm as the telephone call. The doctor is wonderful. I felt right at ease and at that moment, I knew that only she should perform surgery on me. Thank you, Dr. Cerna.

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Before and After

Documentary by German TV about breast augmentation at our clinic. Watch the documentary in our video section. 

TV ProSieben

Inspired by one of our patients, the German TV ProSieben shot a news story about her undergoing an operation at our Clinic. You can watch Barbara's story and follow her throughout the whole breast enlargement procedure. It gives you a clear picture of what to expect at our Clinic. 

Breast Augmentation

This video-film about us has been made to introduce our Clinic to you, to give you the opportunity to meet the doctors, nurses and support staff, to see our suites available for your accommodation. 

From your first contact with our Clinic to the completion of your convalescence after the operation, the members of our Laderma Team will be there to help you.

Our Laderma Clinic in Prague offers top quality services in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. Our surgeons have had extensive experience in not only the Czech Republic but also in Canada, the UK or Austria.

More than 90% of our clientele come from the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and the USA. The chief surgeon, Dr. Zuzana Cerna, is certified to perform operations in the Czech Republic, Austria and the UK)

Our surgery centre is equipped according to the highest EU standard. All the necessary pre-operation examinations can be carried out within our centre, thus saving your time and money.

Our services

  • personal approach, privacy, pleasant environment, suitable accommodation
  • we will be with you from the very beginning of your stay (free pickup at the airport) till your departure


Preventing Complications in Cosmetic Procedures

Preventing complications is possible – we do it

Good looks and success go hand in hand these days, so most of us are eager to look our best. 

Free Consultation

You are welcome to make an appointment for free of charge consultation with our plastic surgeon.

Free transportation service for our clients

All our patients are picked up at their arrival in Prague and taken to the airport (train or bus station) at their departure.